What was the peterloo massacre

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what was the peterloo massacre

Peterloo Massacre Quotes (2 quotes)

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Exploring the Past: Protest - The Peterloo Massacre

The Peterloo Massacre took place at St Peter's Field , Manchester , Lancashire, England on Monday 16 August when cavalry charged into a crowd of 60,—80, who had gathered to demand the reform of parliamentary representation.

The Peterloo massacre: what was it and what did it mean?

On 16 August , a meeting of peaceful campaigners for parliamentary reform was broken up by the Manchester Yeomanry, a local force of volunteer soldiers. Between 10 and 20 people were killed and hundreds more injured in what quickly became known as the Peterloo Massacre. Usage terms Public Domain. Since the end of the Napoleonic wars in , increasing numbers of working people in industrialising yet disenfranchised areas like Manchester had become involved in the movement for reform. Under the influence of men like Henry Hunt and the journalist William Cobbett, they began to campaign for universal suffrage. They argued that extending the vote to working men would lead to better use of public money, fairer taxes and an end to restrictions on trade which damaged industry and caused unemployment.

On 16 August over 50, people gathered at St Peter's Field in Manchester to protest the right to vote, by the end of the day what became known as the Peterloo Massacre, would lead to the death of 10 to 20 people with more than injured. The crowd were there to hear radical speaker Henry Hunt make a call for the reform of Parliament but as he began his speech the authorities ordered the gathering to be shut down by force.
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Protest in which 18 were killed led to political reform and foundation of Guardian newspaper

PETERLOO : Witnesses to a Massacre.

England is not a country of frequent revolutions; some say it is because our weather is not conducive to outdoor marches and riots. In March , six hundred workers set off from the northern city of Manchester to march to London. The blanket was carried for warmth during the long nights on the road. In the same year, Jeremiah Brandreth led two hundred Derbyshire labourers to Nottingham in order, he said, to take part in a general insurrection. This was not a success and three of the leaders were executed for treason. On that August day, the 16th, a large body of people carrying banners bearing slogans against the Corn Laws and in favour of universal suffrage, held a meeting at St.

It started as a peaceful appeal for political reform, but ended with 18 dead and hundreds injured. Stephen Bates describes how the events of 16 August became a landmark moment in the struggle for democracy. The Peterloo Massacre, which took place on 16 August , was the worst violence ever to occur at a political meeting in Britain. Cavalry brutally dispersed a crowd of 60, protestors in Manchester taking part in a peaceful appeal for political reform. They came in from the suburbs and surrounding towns and villages respectably dressed, holding their children by the hand, marching in disciplined columns behind banners and flags, with bands playing patriotic tunes, to have an entertaining day out and to hear speeches calling for parliamentary reform. It was a fine summer day and the meeting was entirely legal. And the demonstrators had been warned not to be provoked by what was sure to be a heavy presence of constables and local militia.

Photograph: Amazon Studios. Their peaceful protest turned bloody when Manchester magistrates ordered Yeoman — a private militia paid for by rich locals — to storm the crowd with sabres. Most historians agree that 14 people were definitely killed in the massacre — 15 if you include the unborn child of Elizabeth Gaunt , killed in the womb after she was beaten by constables in custody. A further three named people are believed to have either been stabbed or trampled to death. They wanted political reform. The years leading up to Peterloo had been tough for working class people and they wanted a voice in parliament to put their needs and wants on the political agenda, inspired by the French Revolution across the Channel. Machines had begun to take jobs in the lucrative cotton industry but periodic trade slumps closed factories at short notice, putting workers out on the street.

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  1. The Peterloo Massacre took place at St Peter's Field, Manchester, Lancashire, England on Monday 16 August when cavalry charged into a crowd of.

  2. What was the Peterloo massacre? On 16 August , up to 60, working class people from the towns and villages of what is now Greater.

  3. Peterloo Massacre , in English history, the brutal dispersal by cavalry of a radical meeting held on St.

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