What does alternate edition mean

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what does alternate edition mean

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Nirvana - In Bloom (Alternate Version)

Book conditions and alternate versions

Over the past few years, American publishers have driven the cost of textbooks to outrageous amounts, handing over a sure financial blow to already insolvent students. The same college textbooks are published by different companies all over the world to give equal opportunity for education in other countries. The international edition textbooks are published at lower costs to be sold overseas and are available to purchase by any interested foreign or domestic buyer via the Internet. The content in international edition textbooks is exactly the same as their U. Some inconsiderable differences may be found in a lower quality of paper, the use of only black and white ink, and a paperback cover rather than a hard cover.

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If that is the case, you can automatically if the cover being added is the newest or manually add a new edition to the database that would be considered an "alternate cover edition. Some people may have added the existing edition with that specific cover because it is the one they own. If you want to shelve an edition with your specific cover, it is accepted procedure to create a new edition with your cover art. Please confirm that the edition is the most recently published on Amazon or the publisher's site. All book pages have a link to automatically create an ACE. Next to the add a new edition link, we have added an option to add an alternate cover edition.

Q — What are International Edition Textbooks? A - Textbook publishers sell their books worldwide and often price them based on book prices and economic conditions of the destination countries. These textbooks sold abroad are referred to as "International Editions" or "Low price editions". Most importantly, the price is significantly cheaper! A Domestic Edition textbook left and its International Edition counterpart right.

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