What happened to dust jacket attic

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what happened to dust jacket attic

The Lake House by Kate Morton

A missing child.

June 1933, and the Edevane familys country house, Loeanneth, is polished and gleaming, ready for the much-anticipated Midsummer Eve party. Alice Edevane, sixteen years old and a budding writer, is especially excited. Not only has she worked out the perfect twist for her novel, shes also fallen helplessly in love with someone she shouldnt have. But by the time midnight strikes and fireworks light up the night skies, the Edevane family will have suffered a loss so great that they leave Loeanneth forever.

An abandoned house.

Seventy years later, after a particularly troubling case, Sadie Sparrow is sent on an enforced break from her job with the Metropolitan Police. She retreats to her beloved grandfathers cottage in Cornwall but soon finds herself at a loose end. Until one day, Sadie stumbles upon an abandoned house surrounded by overgrown gardens and dense woods, and learns the story of a baby boy who disappeared without a trace.

An unsolved mystery.

Meanwhile, in the attic writing room of her elegant Hampstead home, the formidable Alice Edevane, now an old lady, leads a life as neatly plotted as the bestselling detective novels she writes. Until a young police detective starts asking questions about her familys past, seeking to resurrect the complex tangle of secrets Alice has spent her life trying to escape.
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A Great View Of A Yellow Jacket Nest Built Inside Of A Wall.

DustJacket Attic

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Have you inherited antique wooden furniture but it's not quite your style? The fluctuating humidity and changes in temperature can cause the wood to expand and crack. However, be aware that mice, dust mites and other critters will ruin them given half a chance. So store them in airtight plastic containers, not black bin bags. They love dark and undisturbed places. No other option? Think about how hot it gets in the attic in summer months.

This worried her because it would make Daniel — someone she had lots of sex with - her half-brother. Andrews classic that I had originally devoured when I was eleven years old. At the bookstore, I was unable to find the original paperback with the image of a weary-eyed blonde looking out of an attic window. To anyone unfamiliar with the story, the book would appear to be a romance novel, not a story about incest, child abuse, and a host of other eye-popping hot button topics. For example: The ardent couple on the cover is actually supposed to be related - brother and sister. After it was released, Flowers in the Attic was banned by various high schools around the country due to its scandalous subject matter.

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