What book is limitless based on

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what book is limitless based on

The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn

Imagine a drug that makes your brain function with perfect efficiency, tapping into your most fundamental resources of intelligence and drive, releasing all the passive knowledge youd ever accumulated. A drug that made you focused, charming, fast, even attractive. Eddie Spinola is on such a drug. Its called MDT-48, and its Viagra for the brain-a designer drug thats redesigning his life. But while MDT is helping Eddie achieve the kind of success hes only dreamed about, its also chipping away at his sanity-splitting headaches, spontaneous blackouts, violent outbursts. And now that hes hooked and his supply is running low, Eddie must venture into the drugs dark past to feed his habit. What he discovers proves that MDT, once a dream come true, has become his worst nightmare.

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Limitless by Alan Glynn--Audiobook Excerpt

The Dark Fields is a techno-thriller novel by Irish writer Alan Glynn. It was re -released in March under the title Limitless, in order to coincide Limitless is a American thriller based on The Dark Fields. The film was directed by.
Alan Glynn


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In real life, the drug's called "Nuvigil. Air traffic controllers and schizophrenics alike are frequent users of the FDA-approved Nuvigil. After seeing the movie I was curious what the drug actually felt like and, considering I have about 27 years experience ingesting prescription medicine, I thought, Who better to explore the depths of its effects than me? Below are several of the highs and lows of the week. Unless your doctor prescribed it; then, by all means.

Limitless is a American science fiction thriller film directed by Neil Burger and written by Leslie Dixon. Based on the novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn.
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He starts using MDT, an experimental drug granting heightened intellectual, creative, and learning powers, and enabling its user to see meaningful patterns in large amounts of disparate data. Using his newly acquired intellect, Edward amasses a small fortune short selling technology stocks. However, his indiscriminate use of the drug leads to panic attacks and blackouts. He further learns the full scope of the side-effects from his ex-wife Melissa, who had dabbled in the substance and suffered permanent neurocognitive damage, prompting him to gradually discontinue use of the drug. Edward initially reduces his intake to half a pill a day, but this quickly proves insufficient to maintain the level of mental acuity required to work out the details of the merger, and he is forced to increase the dosage. Realizing he is on a treadmill of addiction , Edward tracks down another user, from whom he learns of the existence of a drug, readily available over the counter, capable of negating some of the harmful side-effects. Armed with this knowledge, Edward resumes taking MDT and is filled with a renewed surge of energy and motivation.

Increasingly over the past years, students across the United States have abused Adderall as a study drug, and as a party drug; it's taken during finals week, and snorted during parties. News outlets, doctors, and parents have commented on its prevalence, proposed measures to eradicate its misuse, and warned of its side effects. Yet, it's well known that students continue to sell it, buy it, and take it when they aren't prescribed it. Less talked about is the growing popularity of its relatives: Vyvanse, Concerta, Ritalin, and Modafinil. Though not all chemically related, each can produce similar desired effects: periods of increased attention and wakefulness.

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