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what does zoot suit mean

Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez

Drama. Latino/Latina Studies. This bilingual edition combines the original English-language version with the first-ever Spanish translation of the critically acclaimed play by Luis Valdez, a work that cracked open the depiction of Chicanos on the stage, challenging viewers to revisit a troubled moment in our nations history. From the moment the myth-infused character El Pachuco burst onto the stage, literally cutting his way through the drop curtain with a switchblade, Valdez spurred a revolution in Chicano theater. Experimenting with brash forms of narration, pop culture of the war era, and complex characterizations, this quintessential exploration of the Mexican-American experience in the United States during the 1940s was the first, and only, Chicano play to open on Broadway.
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How Anti-Mexican Racism in L.A. Caused the Zoot Suit Riots - History

A zoot suit is a men's suit with high-waisted, wide-legged, tight-cuffed, pegged trousers, and a A woman accompanying a man wearing a zoot suit commonly would herself wear a flared skirt and a long coat. The amount of material and.
Luis Valdez

How the Zoot Suit Became a Symbol of Resistance for Mexican-American People

Zoot Suit brings to life a racially-charged trial of the s, in which a group of pachucos, Mexican-American gang members, are charged and sentenced with the murder of another Mexican American. Playwright Luis Valdez depicts the trial of the Sleepy Lagoon Murder and the related Zoot Suit Riots of in a combination of docudrama, myth, and musical. Opening in , Zoot Suit sold out every time it played in Los Angeles , though it met with less enthusiasm from critics in New York when it debuted on Broadway. In the play, the mythical character El Pachuco cajoles Henry Reyna to resist the social injustices of an unfair trial and fight for his community; he does so, but the play ends without resolving his future. With its Brechtian-style protest against social injustice and defamiliarization techniques, such that the action is controlled and re-directed by one of the characters, Zoot Suit set a new standard for Chicano theater and Valdez was recognized as a leader in American drama. Luis Valdez was born June 26, , to migrant farm workers in Delano, California; he was one of ten children. His interest in drama began early: a schoolteacher introduced him to puppetry, and in high school he appeared on a local television station.

The Zoot Suit Riots were a series of conflicts on June 3–8, in Los Angeles, California, . But the demand for zoot suits did not decline; a network of bootleg tailors based in Los Angeles The zoot suit was originally a statement about creating a new wave of music and dress, but it also held significant political meaning.
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Top definition. Zoot Suit unknown. Popular colthing worn in the Swing era of the 20's - 40's where Jazz was the dominant style of music. Typically worn by jazz cats. Jacket characterized by broad shoulders , large lapels, and longer than a normal suit jacket. Pants characterized by high waist, baggy thighs, and close cuffs. Check out that cat's zoot suit!

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