What is cc in lol

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what is cc in lol

CC’s review of Guns n Boys: Homicidal Instinct

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Published 09.10.2019

Crowd Control (CC) Mechanics - Getting Better at LoL #3

Crowd control (video gaming)

Tristana under the effects of Nasus' Wither. Crowd control commonly shortened to CC is a blanket term used in League of Legends to describe abilities or spells that remove or diminish the control a target unit has over aspects of itself - aspects such as being able to cast spells or initiate movement commands. As crowd controls impact a unit's combat ability, they are essentially more specialized forms of debuffs - however, this ability to directly hinder a unit's ability to fight means that crowd controls are often given significantly more importance in regular gameplay than normal debuffs, resulting in their special classification. There are many different forms of crowd control, each of which is unique in the way it affects its target and the ways it can - if at all - be resisted, mitigated or removed. Some crowd controls can be exclusive or near-exclusive to certain champions or items, and different champions can apply the same crowd control in multiple different ways. A few specific mechanics such as Yasuo's Last Breath even require a catalyst crowd control to function.

Crowd Control abbreviated to CC is the term used to describe an ability or spell that temporarily reduces a unit's ability to fight. The term 'crowd control' comes from the ability to control the enemy team during fights, by either restricting their contribution or means to escape. In addition, the use of crowd control can aid in your own survivability: in the same way you can stop them from escaping, you can stop them from following. Crowd control does not make an enemy untargetable. In the case of Airborne effects, the target is considered to be on the ground for the purposes of skill shots and area of effect damage such as Morgana's Tormented Soil.

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  2. So i have heard about CC a lot and i am new to LoL. I was told it meant "Crowd Control" If this is right what does that actually mean?.

  3. Dec 8, These are the abbreviations for terms in League of Legends. LoL = Stands for League of Legends CC = Crowd Control, referring to slows, stuns.

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