What is the smartest animal

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what is the smartest animal

The Smartest Animals on the Planet: Extraordinary Tales of the Natural Worlds Cleverest Creatures by Sally Boysen

How animals communicate and learn -- sometimes better than humans do, actually.

This fascinating book, written by a world authority on animal intelligence, brings together the cumulative research on the comparative intelligence levels of nonhuman smart species. Sally Boysen reveals how these intelligent animals communicate, learn behavior, show feelings and emotions and, for some species, how they use tools, count and sometimes pick up a foreign language.

Fully illustrated with photographs and step-by-step graphics, the book draws on data from historical and current experiments and observations to examine intelligence in the great apes (gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans) and in a surprising list of other species, including sea otters, eagles, elephants, dolphins, birds, bees, beetles, rats, raccoons and parrots.

The books chapters are:

Comparing Animal Skills and Intelligence Animal Tool Use Communication in Animals Imitation and Social Learning Social Cognition and Emotion Self-recognition and Awareness Numerical Abilities in Animals Animals and Human Nonverbal Language. The Smartest Animals on the Planet is a beautiful, authoritative and up-to-date presentation on the remarkable intelligence of the animal kingdom.
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No other member of the animal kingdom can ace an algebra test or write an A+ essay. But that doesn't mean other species aren't highly.
Sally Boysen

10 of the smartest animals on Earth

List of the world's smartest animals, in order of their animal intelligence ranking. When putting this list of the smartest animals in the world together, I had to give myself criteria to follow. A complex brain is not a factor so much as the ability to use creative thinking. Sure, these are my own standards, and some might complain that this list is decidedly anthropomorphic— seeing as how I'm judging these smart animals by obvious human criteria. For example, why should creative thinking mean one animal is smarter than another animal that can remember the location of 2, individual nuts it buried over 2 years? That's just how I decided to do it.

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Humans aside, chimpanzees would have to be at the the top of any consideration about relative intelligence of animals. But a new study suggests that ravens are as smart as chimpanzees. How is it that small birds with presumably small brains can compete with much larger apes? It turns out that it's not the size of the brain that matters , but neuronal density and the structure of the brains. We found that corvid birds performed as well as great apes, despite having much smaller brains," said Can Kabadayi, doctoral student in Cognitive Science at Lund University in Sweden. How did the researchers come to such a conclusion? They tested inhibitory control , which is basically the ability to override animal instincts to instead choose a more rational approach.

How do humans compare to other intelligent creatures?

An Australian raven perched on a rail. Ravens are more than the subject of dark themes by writer Edgar Allan Poe. They are also extremely resourceful animals that have been known to multi-task. Researchers from Canada and Scotland have shown that ravens use logic to understand their surroundings in a way that may surpass the ability of the great apes. The crow, a close cousin to the raven, is also an extremely smart bird. A pod of dolphins swim in the ocean.

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