What it means to learn

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what it means to learn

Quote by Martha Graham: “I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it...”

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Published 07.10.2019

Learning to Love Yourself - Amanda Jetté Knox - [email protected]

As we embark on a new semester, let's give more thought to what we mean when we talk about learning.

What is Learning?

First jotting down my notes on what learning means to me, I wrote that to learn entails expanding perspectives, broadening horizons, shedding preconceived notions, combining academic knowledge with social understanding, and becoming able to thoughtfully and articulately disagree with opposing perspectives. Essentially, in recognition of the fact that the act of learning in and of itself implies some baseline knowledge, I defined the process as very much tailored to each individual's starting point, with the information learned serving to either augment or amend one's existing intellectual framework. In a later session of the course, I added that learning includes the ability to admit when you are mistaken, as well as the knowledge to identify the source s of your errors, and correct accordingly. Each of the various incarnations of learning we explored in class brought us that much closer to answering the larger question of what it really means to learn. Our session on statistical machine learning reinforced the enduring necessity of humans in capturing emotional nuance and contextualizing data, while the presentation on mind-body interactions underscored the importance of the performing arts in promoting innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. The diversity of the speakers we heard from opened my eyes to the fact that learning is far more pervasive and dynamic than I initially thought, with the classroom representing just one of the many venues in which we might learn. So as we embark on a new semester here at Rice, let's fully embrace the multifaceted nature of learning, and remind ourselves that, though undoubtedly important, grades alone don't tell the whole story.

Top definition. Learn unknown. To persuade someone to your way of thinking via violent means. To learn is to acquire knowledge of a chosen area of study. The learner is taught not learned. A permanent change in response behavior to a stimulus learned.

Key Principles of Learning

Easy English Expressions with "OUT OF"

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Learning Skills:. Subscribe to our FREE newsletter and start improving your life in just 5 minutes a day. Almost every action we take is the result of past learning yet, for some people, learning still remains an activity undertaken in, or associated with, an educational context. As babies we learn to eat, to gain attention, to crawl, to walk, etc. Traditionally, research and studies around learning focused primarily on early-years learning through childhood and adolescence. However, it is now recognised that learning is a continuous process that commences at birth and continues until death; it is the process through which we use our experience to deal with new situations and to develop relationships. See our page: Lifelong Learning for more information.

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