The moustache by robert cormier quiz

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the moustache by robert cormier quiz

The Moustache by Robert Cormier

Personal response- The Moustache , by Robert Cormier, was in my opinion a relatable story for most teenagers. I dont include myself in most teenagers because my grandma didnt kiss me because of my moustache. I found the short story to be short but not a good story.

Plot Summary- The story starts out with a 17 year old being scolded by his mother. His mother didnt approve of his experimental mustache. Mike thought his moustache made him seem more mature and older. His mother went on about how the mustache was costing him money and how it didnt belong on a 17 year old. Finally his mother sighed and told Mike that he needed to visit his grandmother in the nursing home. Mike didnt like nursing homes because they are to similar to hospitals. He gave in to going because he likes to go 85 on the turnpike on the way to the home. When he got to the nursing home, he found his grandmothers room and walked in. When his grandmother said hi, Mike was relieved. His mother warned him that she has her good days and her bad. She started to think that Mike was her husband, because Mike, the 17 year old, was named after his grandfather. MIke grandmother then gave him a kiss and Mike went straight home to shave his mustache off.

Recommendation- I would recommend this story to anyone trying to seem older than they really are. I think this story would be relatable to many teanagers. This story wasnt very difficult so younger people could also read it.
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The Mustache

The Moustache By Robert Cormier Essay

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The Moustache By Robert Cormier Essay

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Already have an account? Log in! A Trip into the Unknown. In the story you are about to read, seventeen-year-old Mike visits his grandmother for the first time since she became ill and moved into the Lawnresst Nursing Home. Mike, the narrator, begins the story as a kind but self-absorbed son and grandson but ends it abruptly enlightened about the individuality of others. View they keynote presentation on key vocabulary words from the selection.

Robert Cormier The author's page at Wikipedia. The Chocolate War Teaching Guide at McDougall Littell Students examine the nature of their school community and explore issues related to peer pressure. Suggested grade level: 9, Fade Ten questions for discussion or writing. I am the Cheese Study Questions Seven questions from comprehension to synthesis. I am the Cheese These SparkNotes include quotations, study questions, and a self-checking quiz.

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  1. The Moustache Short Story Summary. Measure your comprehension of Robert Cormier's 'The Moustache' with this quiz and worksheet. Among other topics, this convenient multiple-choice quiz requires you to know about Mike's interactions with his grandmother.

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