God couldn t be everywhere so he made mothers

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god couldn t be everywhere so he made mothers

Quote by Will Leamon: “God could not be everywhere, so he created moth...”

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Published 09.08.2019

God could not be everywhere so he made mother protect us

Quote God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. He wants you to live with victory over sin so you can possess His promises for your life.

So He Created Mothers SVG

Many of you will give mom a break in the kitchen today and take her out for dinner. For some, a long distance phone call will have to suffice to express your love and appreciation to your mother. Some of us have mothers who have gone on to live in heaven but we have precious memories to draw on and my hope is that you will do that. As I write this on Monday, it was announced on television that a new royal baby has been born. They underwent the traditional process of getting their chosen name for the baby approved by the Queen. Some will join the military, others a technical or trade school, and others are still undecided. Whatever your chosen path, I wish each of you success and happiness.

Post a Comment. On the sixth day, God created man. I believe that God created us to love. Love for our family, special someone, friends, classmates, and also to love those people who we do not know, and everything in this world. For all his wonderful creations, we are our Creators greatest achievement. God is everywhere. He always watch us, he always guide us, he always support us, and he always love us.

Mother, one of the most beautiful creation of God. God can create everything in this world, but to enter this world, even he needs a mother. This is something which we see or get to learn from our culture. So always remember to talk to her, to appreciate her, to make her live her life, to make her live for herself. My mother had played a very important role in my life, if she would have not been there, you might have not been reading this post. I owe my life my success all to her, and like a normal person, I cannot tell her what she means to me. All my words loose out their meaning, because even if they try, not define what motherhood is.

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