Grey hair at young age

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grey hair at young age

Grey Hair Quotes (15 quotes)

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Published 06.08.2019

Preventing Graying of Hair With Fenugreek Seeds : Health Care Answers

Why Does Hair Turn Gray?

Have you ever watched someone try to cover up gray hair by dyeing it? Or maybe you wonder why your granddad has a full head of silver hair when in old pictures it's dark brown. Getting gray, silver, or white hair is a natural part of growing older, and here's why. The root of every strand of hair is surrounded by a tube of tissue under the skin that is called the hair follicle say: FAHL-ih-kul. Each hair follicle contains a certain number of pigment cells.


Skip navigation! Story from Body. Sure, a gray hair here and there is natural. But whether or not you're excited to look a little more like Storm , getting them earlier than the rest of your friends is definitely a bit confusing. So why do some people get to experience grays earlier than others?

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Over the years, premature greying of hair has become a cause of concern for young people. While greying of hair is caused when your hair follicles cease to produce melanin — the pigment that gives hair its colour, the reasons for the early onset of this remains a major worry for most. We got in touch with dermatologist Dr Suruchi Puri and beauty experts Swati Sawadh and Seema Malik, who explain the causes of premature greying and provide a few pointers on how to deal with it. One of the most common reasons for having grey hair in your early 20s, is because of your genes. In such cases, it is extremely difficult to do anything about it. Deficiency of vitamin B, zinc, and copper also causes early appearance of grey hair. This is because these nutrients assist the metabolic process involved in giving hair its natural colour.

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