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The Daughter of Time (Inspector Alan Grant, #5) by Josephine Tey

In 1951, Josephine Tey wrote her 5th novel in the Inspector Grant series. In 1990, this mystery novel was named the greatest mystery novel of all time by the British Crime Writers Association. After reading it, I can definitely see why.

For one thing, during the entire novel, Inspector Alan Grant is confined to bed with a broken leg and a strained back. He is an inspector for Scotland Yard – an active man, relying on his brains and his brawn to help him solve cases. He also studies faces and uses his intuition to help him figure out who did what when it comes to crime.

Now, however, he is beside himself. Stuck in one place, tired of tracing the possible pictures in the cracks and fissures of the ceiling above him, bored beyond belief, and ready to bolt – or stage a revolt, whichever might allow him to release some steam.

Thanks to some friends, he is offered a mystery to solve. A very old mystery, one with its roots in history which means it is written by historians, which means a combination of invention, speculation, and based only on whatever facts might have been expedient to use at the time.

That is the basic introduction to this amazingly well written book. It is funny, moves along faster than a hospital bed on greased wheels down a long hallway (no, that didn’t happen), and it is crime solving with collaboration at its very best. And, there is a twist near the end that I did not see coming. Not even close.

I am so glad that I read this book! It was an exhilarating experience and even exceeded my expectations, which is saying a great deal considering I knew the honours that have been bestowed on this novel. I do recommend it as a fascinating bit of sleuthing from a few hundred years “after the fact”.
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Josephine Tey - Daughter of Time Audiobook

The Daughter of Time

The main character, also a Scotland Yard detective who is bedridden from an injury in the line of duty. This character is an American from a well to do family, and a research worker at the British Museum. This character is a friend of the main character and also the one who provides the main character with a mystery to solve while in the hospital. View all Lesson Plans available from BookRags. All rights reserved. Toggle navigation.

Josephine Tey's classic novel about Richard III, the hunchback king, whose skeleton was discovered in a council carpark, and who was buried in March in state in Leicester Cathedral. The Daughter of Time investigates his role in the death of his nephews, the princes in the Tower, and his own death at the Battle of Bosworth. Richard III reigned for only two years, and for centuries he was villified as the hunch-backed wicked uncle, murderer of the princes in the Tower. Josephine Tey's novel The Daughter of Time is an investigation into the real facts behind the last Plantagenet king's reign, and an attempt to right what many believe to be the terrible injustice done to him by the Tudor dynasty. Inspector Alan Grant of Scotland Yard, recuperating from a broken leg, becomes fascinated with a contemporary portrait of Richard III that bears no resemblance to the Wicked Uncle of history. Could such a sensitive, noble face actually belong to one of the world's most heinous villains - a venomous hunchback who may have killed his brother's children to make his crown secure?

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Grant lay on his high white cot and stared at the ceiling. Stared at it with loathing.
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Josephine Tey, whose real name was Elizabeth MacIntosh, first began publishing stories under the pseudonym Gordon Daviot in Almost all of her mysteries feature the Scotland Yard detective Alan Grant, though she also wrote numerous plays and stand-alone novels. Tey died at the age of 55 of liver cancer. As she guarded her privacy fiercely, even her closest friends had no idea she was ill. Today, she is widely regarded as one of the best mystery writers of all time.

Share on:. Scotland Yard's Alan Grant is laid up in hospital with a broken leg. He's bored out of his tiny mind. There are no mysteries to solve on the ceiling of his room which is all he has to look at until a sympathetic friend arrives with a sheaf of pictures. One, a portrait of a man, strikes him as a mysterious, but sympathetic character. To his surprise, he discovers it's the famous portrait of Richard III, child-murderer and usurper of the English throne. Grant is an experienced detective, a man who prides himself on his ability to judge a man's character simply by looking at his face.

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