Most epic soccer goal ever

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most epic soccer goal ever

Football Quotes (365 quotes)

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Published 20.07.2019

10 Most Strange Goals In Football

Goal celebration

But there was even more to the gloom than this one particular game. The U. Attendance at U. The final U. Media coverage had declined, too: The only U. Now the U.

These did:. The Arsenal legend needed three touches to arguably produce the finest last-minute winner of all time. With extra time lurking in this World Cup quarterfinal, Frank de Boer launched a hopeful yard pass into the Argentine end. Bergkamp effortlessly plucked the ball from the air, cut inside of Roberto Ayala and stabbed the ball past Carlos Roa to deliver the Dutch one of their most memorable goals in their storied history. Bayern had just conceded a 90th minute goal at Hamburg, and everyone thought it was over. Dubbed the greatest FA Cup final in history, Liverpool were down to the Hammers when Gerrard began to suffer from cramps just minutes from time. But in the 91 st minute, the Reds legend took aim from about 37 yards and found the back of the net with a howitzer of a goal.

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B obby Moore never got a bathmat wet in his life. Moore would flick the water off one leg, dry that with a towel and then step out on to the dry leg, before continuing the process with the rest of his body. Nor will the fact that he brought such meticulousness to his wardrobe, where jumpers were hung up in order from dark to light. The fastidiousness demonstrated by Moore is one of the sub-genres of perfectionism within football. Bergkamp also had unrealistic expectations — of himself, if not necessarily others - and was a sucker for cleanliness. It elevated him above his peers, but it is also meant he was in danger of driving himself round the bend aiming for something that he could not explain and which might not even exist; he was almost striving for Godot. The life of a perfectionist is not easy.

In sports, a goal celebration is the practice of celebrating the scoring of a goal. Whilst referring to the celebration of a goal in general, the term can also be applied to specific actions, such as a player removing his shirt or performing a somersault. Celebrations are generally more substantial in lower-scoring sports, such as association football and ice hockey , where a score has greater significance. A goal song or goal celebration music is a short piece of music that is played in sports like football or ice hockey after a goal is scored. Milan scores a goal at the San Siro.

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  1. Let's look at the top 10 best soccer goals ever. I've compiled videos that feature amazing shots by Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi, among.

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