How to quote someone quoting someone else

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how to quote someone quoting someone else

Knowing Quotes (406 quotes)

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Quotes & Art: Maya Angelou - Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud

A Guide to Referencing your Work

Authors quote or paraphrase from books, papers, experts, facts, online text - all sorts of materials to help them make their points. Any time that you use words or ideas from someone else's work, please make sure that you cite the information correctly. This guide presents citations that are fomatted to the APA style rules. Each time you incorporate outside information into your text, you will need to evaluate the connections you are making between your ideas and the ideas of the author. Ask yourself:. Some writers start out with a formula to make sure that they do this.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Huxley doesn't use a single word when he quotes, his book is full of complete quotes that aren't a part of a sentence or a paragraph, and he uses the quotes as supporting evidence to what he has said. For example, take this as a paragraph from the book. End paragraph. Writing in his The Perennial Pilosophy , Huxley quotes Eckhart: "He who suffers for love does not suffer, for all suffering is forgot. I always heard to use double quotation marks for the quote from the text you're pulling it from, then using single quotation marks for the quote within the text.

You want to use that information, but who do you cite? If you are just paraphrasing the information, and you don't need to mention the original author, you can just cite the work you have in front of you without worrying about the original author. However, if you actually want to cite the original author because you are drawing attention to the fact that they said it, or because it's a direct quote , then you would use a secondary citation. In the reference list you only mention Brown's work because you only reference what you actually read. Remember, you don't have to use a secondary citation for every piece of information your author got from another source - you only need to use a secondary citation if you are using Smith's exact words, or referring to her work or theories, but you have only read Brown's work where he cited her.

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Quoting, paraphrasing, and citing secondary sources an author quoted or cited by the author you are reading in APA style can be confusing. Here are some possible ways to handle it. George studied thirty years of library instruction as cited in Kuhlthau, Note the single quote marks around the quotation within my quote:. In any case, only the article you read would be listed in the references in the case of this example, Kuhlthau :. Kuhlthau, C.

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