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another day in paradise quotes

Quote by Abraham Verghese: “Another day in paradise was his inevitable pro...”

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Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise (Karaoke)

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TV Shows. Having apparently anointed himself the American cinema's poet of decadence, filmmaker Larry Clark follows his critically acclaimed Kids with yet another tour through the darker regions of American squalor. Another Day in Paradise--even the title screams of amateurish irony--may be powerfully acted by a fine cast of new and familiar faces, but how many times can we eavesdrop on the lives of murderous, self-destructive heroin junkie thieves before we just get morosely depressed? James Woods and Melanie Griffith are superb as a pair of surrogate parents to the young couple Vincent Kartheiser, Natasha Gregson Wagner whom they recruit as accomplices in a series of robberies and dangerous deals, but what exactly is the point of this overindulgent, gutter-mouthed, and ultimately sickening portrait of sickening people? Clark may be good at providing an authentic vision of America's ugly underbelly, but before this movie's half over you're likely to be screaming, "Enough already!

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Phil Collins - Another Day in Paradise (Nico Pusch Bootleg Remix)

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Posted By Charley Brady on Sep 10, 2 comments. C an you imagine if every film review made a big issue out of the religion of the lead actor? What about, for example, Liam Neeson being raised as a Roman Catholic? Sure, we could have a bit of fun with films like Lamb and The Mission. But what sort of weird slant would we be putting on his movies by the time we got to The A-Team or Taken 2? The mind boggles. And please, away with that old malarkey about Scientology being a made-up religion.

Sid: I'm no role model. I'm a junkie and a thief. Mel: You're hotter than a freshly fucked fox in a forest fire. Bobbie: Are you a doctor, Melvin? Mel: Yeah.

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