A brief history of time chapter 3 summary

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a brief history of time chapter 3 summary

A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

In the ten years since its publication in 1988, Stephen Hawkings classic work has become a landmark volume in scientific writing, with more than nine million copies in forty languages sold worldwide. That edition was on the cutting edge of what was then known about the origins and nature of the universe. But the intervening years have seen extraordinary advances in the technology of observing both the micro- and the macrocosmic worlds. These observations have confirmed many of Professor Hawkings theoretical predictions in the first edition of his book, including the recent discoveries of the Cosmic Background Explorer satellite (COBE), which probed back in time to within 300,000 years of the universes beginning and revealed wrinkles in the fabric of space-time that he had projected. Eager to bring to his original text the new knowledge revealed by these observations, as well as his own recent research, Professor Hawking has prepared a new introduction to the book, written an entirely new chapter on wormholes and time travel, and updated the chapters throughout.
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A Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawking in 5 Mins

Hawking wrote the book for non-specialist readers with no prior knowledge of scientific theories. In A Brief History of Time , Hawking writes in non-technical terms about the structure, origin, development and eventual fate of the Universe , which is the object of study of astronomy and modern physics. He talks about basic concepts like space and time , basic building blocks that make up the Universe such as quarks and the fundamental forces that govern it such as gravity.
Stephen Hawking

A Brief History Of Time Summary

The subject of the book is cosmology , the story of the universe. It was also updated because new information was found. A Briefer History of Time is shorter than the first version and was also updated. This book is very popular and well-known. This book was on the London Sunday Times bestseller list for over 4 years.

Read in: 4 minutes Favorite quote from the author:. The blinks have been sitting in my library for a while, so it was about time to let one of the most brilliant minds in the history of the world, Mr. Hawking , speak. If you want to save this summary for later, download the free PDF and read it whenever you want. Download PDF. We constantly come up with theories, and then test them.

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  1. A Brief History of Time | Study Guide. Stephen Hawking points out in this chapter that humans have been aware of the Milky Way and other visible celestial features since ancient times. Hawking continues with his own entry into the study of the big bang theory, which was built on.

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