Ellen johnson sirleaf this child will be great

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ellen johnson sirleaf this child will be great

This Child Will Be Great: Memoir of a Remarkable Life by Africas First Woman President by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

In January 2006, after the Republic of Liberia had been racked by fourteen years of brutal civil conflict, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Africas Iron Lady was sworn in as president, an event that marked a tremendous turning point in the history of the West African nation.

In this stirring memoir, Sirleaf shares the inside story of her rise to power, including her early childhood; her experiences with abuse, imprisonment, and exile; and her fight for democracy and social justice. This compelling tale of survival reveals Sirleafs determination to succeed in multiple worlds: from her studies in the United States to her work as an international bank executive to her election campaigning in some of Liberias most desperate and war-torn villages and neighborhoods. It is also the story of an outspoken political and social reformer who, despite danger, fought the oppression of dictators and championed change. By sharing her story, Sirleaf encourages women everywhere to pursue leadership roles at the highest levels of power, and gives us all hope that, with perseverance, we can change the world.

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World Bank - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

‘This Child Will Be Great’

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf born 29 October is a Liberian politician who served as the 24th President of Liberia from to Sirleaf was the first elected female head of state in Africa. She was educated at the College of West Africa. In she received a cabinet appointment as Minister of Finance, serving to She worked for Citibank and then the Equator Bank. She returned to Liberia to contest a senatorial seat for Montserrado County in , an election that was disputed.

In January , after the Republic of Liberia had been racked by fourteen years of brutal civil conflict, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf—Africa's "Iron Lady"—was sworn in.
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The Beginning. When I was just a few days old, an old man came to visit my parents, to see the new baby and to offer his good wishes, as people did both then and now in my country and everywhere. My mother brought the old man into the room where I lay kicking and cooing on the bed. As the story goes, the old man took one look at me and turned to my mother with a strange expression on his face. This child is going to lead.

But then Ellen Johnson Sirleaf , the president of Liberia, is not your typical president. Would I like to go inside her room? Hell, yes! As we continue our tour of her house she points towards a gash in the distance, where the luminous green bush makes way for a rush of wild, fresh water. We grew up in a way where we crossed two different worlds. Johnson Sirleaf went to school with Congo People, but she was also close to her grandmother, whom she describes in her autobiography This Child Will Be Great — a reference to a prophecy uttered by a local wise man at her birth — as a very influential figure in her life. I ask more about her grandmother.

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  1. Memoir of a Remarkable Life by Africa's First Woman President. “The first thing to be said about Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s This Child Will Be Great is that it is exceptionally well written, a true story that seems as much a thriller as the remembrances of an ambitious and brave.

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