The rod of seven parts pdf download

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the rod of seven parts pdf download

The Rod of Seven Parts by Skip Williams

The Rod of Seven Parts defines epic role-playing. The reappearance of the Rod has awakened the powers of Chaos, and their queen seeks to turn the whole world into a battleground. Bold heroes must undertake the enormous task of seeking out and assembling the pieces of the Rod, but even its power cannot stand alone. Ages ago, primal forces of Law stood fast against Chaos; now their champions must once more confront the Queen of Chaos and her foul spyder-fiends, lest the flame of civilization be extinguished. ~ Set contains: 4 booklets, 6 reference cards, 3 double-sided poster maps.
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TSR 1145 - The Rod of Seven Parts

The Rod of Seven Parts, when whole, is a 5-foot-long pole. The command words for each piece are "Ruat," "Caelum," "Fiat," "Justitia," "Ecce," "Lex," and "Rex," which collectively make up a Latin phrase that translates into "Though heaven fall, let justice be done. Law is king. It was the centerpiece of a story concerning a long-ago "great war" between characters known as Wind Dukes of Aaqa and the Queen of Chaos. At the time the artifact was in one piece, and was known as "The Rod of Law". The rod was broken into seven fragments during this conflict, and the seven individual pieces were scattered across the world. The Eldritch Wizardry guidelines described each piece as having its own unique powers.

Stirrings of an ageless war between Law and Chaos are drawing you into an epic adventure! A Struggle More Savage than Good vs.
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The Ironkeep Chronicles - The Rod of Seven Parts - Episode 1

I knew most of this information, but not all of it. I have never used the Rod in any of my games ever. I think I need to fix that. I featured the Rod prominently in my recent Age of Worms campaign. I was intrigued by the inclusion of the final fragment of the Rod, and it always struck me as odd that a major artifact was tossed into a campaign as little more than an afterthought. I actually ran the big boxed set campaign right around the turn of the century. I remember when it was because we actually converted to 3rd edition roundabout adventure 3.

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  1. The Rod of Seven Parts (2e) - Stirrings of an ageless war between Law and Chaos are Watermarked PDF + Softcover, Standard Color Book.

  2. TSR - The Rod of Seven Parts - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

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