Why there is no forever

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why there is no forever

Nothing Lasts Forever Quotes (16 quotes)

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Published 07.06.2019

The Menzingers - "Strangers Forever"

Is There Such a Thing as Forever?

All things come to an end. People die, structures crumble, mountains weather, and memories fade. And even after all of that realization, I still cannot remove the feeling of:. I lost more than a million, maybe two in my first ventures in business. Lost touch with quite a few people, and made a few hate me. I had two years where I considered myself as an unemployable deadbeat.

For all humans, but especially the highly sensitives, one of the most difficult truths to accept is that all seasons pass, all stages come to an end, all beings die. What we're resisting is the passage of time as we hold tight to a belief that says that all good things must last. It cannot be so.
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Your relationships will end. Your happiness will end. Your depression will end. Your life will end. Nothing lasts forever—not even those diamonds in the advertisement. Yet we live our lives like the best things will continue into perpetuity—like the good stuff will stick around and the bad stuff will go away once we obtain everything we want.

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