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dara o brian talks funny

Tickling the English by Dara Ó Briain

No, no, no. This book actually made me angry. Marketed as an outsiders look at the nuances of national character, this is merely an extremely cynical attempt to cash in on a comedians popularity, with nothing offered up in exchange.
OBriain isn’t completely terrible when he tries a bit of Bryson-esque socio-historic analysis, but they are half-hearted and lazy with clear googled research. But what instead makes up the bulk of this book is hastily kept diary of a national tour, where OBriain notes down some of the ad libs he is particularly smug about.
At some early stage of the book (which I cannot bring myself to pick up again to check the exact content), O’Briain states he once nearly named a tour You Had To Have Been There, in reference to the challenge of effectively retelling a funny encounter. So why (why? WHY?), does he then write an entire book where he repeatedly tries to do just that? Both baffling and stupid.
The really offensive aspect of this book is how bland and unnecessary it is. To call it awful is a bit strong, but having seen how quick-witted and perceptive OBriain can be in person just serves to make it apparent how shallow and insipid this is.
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Dara O briain Live in London

Dara o briain live talks funny dvd show

That feeling is only heightened when you browse the extras menu to find a whole other full-length show, but recorded in Dublin, with very little overlap with the main feature. Outside of a phenomenal Yakult joke, the best come an impassioned rant against all manner of hocus-pocus masquerading as pseudo-science, such as homeopathy and alternative medicines. As a maths and theoretical physics graduate, he takes great, and well-deserved, glee at skewering these charlatans. Elsewhere, drunken audiences, previous gigs, hotel rooms and watching DVDs form a good chunk of the running time, reflecting the concerns of many a comic on the road. DVD review: Austentatious.

You will enjoy this standup DVD. Dara O Briain is an Irish comedian who is not only a marvelous storyteller, but also excels in crowd work. At different points during Dara O Briain Talks Funny , he asks the occupation or other questions of various people in the front rows. He is quick to riff off their career choices, and sometimes their ineptitude, but he also has a reliable memory and wraps the whole show in a neat little bow by replacing his acknowledgments section with thanking the truck driving, cobbler, oil miner, etc. Dara is not a surreal comedian, but some of his stories sound almost too good to be true! Go to a dietitian.

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Even on repeated viewings, it was a gut-bustingly funny way to spend an hour and a half. And it no doubt pissed Gillian McKeith off in the bargain. His new DVD, filmed earlier this year as part of his national tour, fortunately keeps the standards just as high. Across the hour and a half running time, he aims his ire at the likes of homeopathy, hotel turn-up teams and high-tech pregnancy tests. Then there are the killer tales, none of which come finer than his telling of the story of playing to an audience who had been drinking for 13 hours in the aftermatch of England winning the Rugby World Cup. His tale of the magician who followed him afterwards is painfully, painfully funny, and masterfully delivered.

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