A queen is never late

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a queen is never late

Quote by Queen Clarisse Renaldi Character The Princess DIaries: “A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply ...”

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Published 27.05.2019

Queen - Its Late

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A Queen is never late. (Grey Athletic T-Shirt)

But also, the plot was just really cool. As I largely identify with Mia Thermopolis in a few ways: in the past as an awkward socially-inept preteen, and now as an adult trying to navigate the territory of the real world. And also say that I was a princess. Thanks to the internet, there have been speculations about a Princess Diaries 3. I am not a screenwriter. Still, the most important thing that I would want to keep is the overall message that has been present in all of the Princess Diaries universe: Yes, life is awkward and finding out who you are takes time. But in the end, when you find and embrace who you are, and know how to stand up for what you believe in, it makes life so much more rewarding.

Time to stop vaguely casting the blame on public transport and own your lateness - this is the ultimate excuse for your inability to arrive at social occasions on time. Forget 'power poses': next time you're shuffling around with hunched shoulders and a bowed head, stand up straight and channel Clarisse. According to our favourite fictional etiquette expert, one should 'tuck one ankle behind the other and places the hands gracefully on the knees. As she puts it, 'it's not appropriate for royalty to jingle. Simple, yet effective. Potentially not one to try as you make your exit from a packed night bus at 4am clutching a box of fried chicken, though. Certainly something to bear in mind next time you're put on the spot at work, asked to commit to a devastatingly expensive hen party or questioned by your housemate about you what you really think of their latest significant other.

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Her room was full as usual., Repost from owomaniyeah Others are always way too early.

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