Easy way to memorize scripture

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easy way to memorize scripture

Salvador Dalis Art and Writing, 1927 1942: The Metamorphosis of Narcissus by Haim N. Finkelstein

Salvador Dalis Art and Writing, 1927-1942 examines the evolution of Dalis art during the 1920s and 30s, when he was associated, first with the Catalan avant-grade, and then with the Surrealist group in Paris. During this period, Dalis painting style changed radically, a phenomenon which has never been fully accounted for in the extensive literature on this subject. Haim Finkelsteins study is the first to exmaine these writings in detail as the foundation for the evolution of Dalis unique artistic vision.
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What Is an Easy Way to Memorize Scripture?

The Easiest Way to Memorize the Bible

A year-old woman was constrained to a hospital bed after breaking her back. When a good friend of hers, a missionary, was home on furlough, he visited her in the hospital. She confided in him that she felt aimless because God had no purpose for her in the hospital. In response, the missionary asked her what she had been doing for God lately. The nerve! She took him up on his challenge with Psalm 1 and by the time she was released, she had close to the whole book of Psalms committed to memory. Over 20 years later, the missionary visited her again, and was amazed by the sharpness of her mind.

One of my professors in college was really old. In fact, Dr. John Mitchell was over the age of 90 when he taught the two classes I took from him. He continued to teach well into his mids. Not surprisingly, he was getting forgetful about some things by the time I had him as a teacher, but what he definitely was not forgetting were the Bible verses he had memorized. His ability to recall Bible verses was astounding. I do not know this for a fact, but I would guess that he had all of the New Testament and large sections of the Old Testament committed to memory.

Navigators value Scripture memorization as an important tool for spiritual growth. But many people find it challenging to do. From its beginnings, The Navigators has encouraged Bible memorization as an important tool for spiritual growth. The ministry has developed packets of verse cards to enable people to learn verses that will help them share their faith and become more like Christ. This article references these topics in its suggestions for effective memorization. Find out more on the Topical Memory System.

There are so many benefits for memorizing Scripture. When in a tough situation, knowing what God has told you can help you overcome any obstacle. Scripture memorization is the key to growing in Christ and is a biblical command repeated over 17 times.
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This one has stuck with me throughout the years along with many others. In my high school years, I gave up sports for a different activity — Bible Quiz. Yes, it sounds dorky, but we ended up memorizing over 2, verses that sharpened our minds and strengthened our faith! You heard right, over 2, verses. It was quite a challenge to not only memorize bible verses, but entire chapters of the Bible, and it would take quite a while. But when you could simply quote entire passages of the Bible, it was an awesome feeling!



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