His only crime was love

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his only crime was love

Only Crime He’s Guilty of Is Loving Me by Mariah J

Everyone has dreams, ambitions, goals, and for some those dreams and goals are good but for some there bad. For Kohri, her dreams were to become an officer, a subtle way to honor her father.
For Mehcad, his dreams were to take care of his family forever and to be the man his father always hoped he’d be. But when Kohri joins the force, she quickly realizes that everything isn’t as it seems.
Forced to deal with corrupt officers, politicians, and anyone that wanted to see justice the wrong way, caused Kohri to be in over her head.
When Kohri meets Mehcad, someone that the police can’t keep their eyes off of, she quickly starts to see his point of view. With Mehcad being so powerful and his past being even more troubling, only one person can save him from a fate that’ll destroy his family.
Being manipulated to go undercover by someone powerful, the tables quickly turn, and one mistake could cost her her life and much more. Forced to save the man she’s come to love, will she abandon her oath or let the crooked justice system win a war they’ve been fighting for years? Will Mehcad be convicted on false charges, or will the love she has for him be great enough to save him and his family?
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His only crime was Love

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Mariah J

'Her only crime was loving you'

Gibson Bros. Alluring Strange — Prison Love B6. David Earle Johnson — Trondossa. Lorette Velvette — White Birds C3. Tav Falco — Music Maestro Please. Also issued on CD.

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In the overcrowded courtroom of the Central Criminal Court, the brothers of murder victim Mary Whelan delivered their victim impact statements. Gerard Gough said his sister was the only girl in his family and was the second-youngest. She lifted our spirits at that time. She was very good to our mother and was a sister that my mother never had; they confided in each other. And for my mother, this is a double loss. She has lost her friend, sister and daughter. It was a great family celebration when she brought everyone together.

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This week we're talking about creepy level 2 sex offender Mary Kay Letourneau. Is Vili a prisoner in his own marriage?! Julie goes rogue and tells about her psychic adventure. Be sure to check out our pets' holiday photos on our IG: TheGreatAmericanLoveStory, and of course, for photos of this week's couple and the book they co-authored in while Mary Kay was in jail In the episode with the longest intro to date, you'll be introduced to an Australian woman who has a thing for 'Davids', and an English women with a particularly spiritual love style. The stories start at , but hang in to the intro if you want to hear more about la cucaracha, Scott's new cop car, and how Julie busted out the window of Emily's pick up truck in college. It's a real wild ride this week, folks.



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