Akatsuki seven minutes in heaven

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akatsuki seven minutes in heaven

Seven Minutes In Heaven by Yuanita Wong

Mia Fawn mungkin membayangkan akhir bahagia selamanya saat memutuskan mengirimkan surat cintanya kepada Greyson Hunter. Tetapi ia tak pernah membayangkan jika surat itu harus jatuh ke tangan Liam Foster, cowok yang dulu pernah terjebak bersamanya di sebuah ruangan gelap karena permainan Seven Minutes in Heaven.

Liam tadinya hanya memanfaatkan tragedi surat cinta Mia dan berpura-pura menyukai gadis itu karena satu alasan. Tetapi setelah mengenal Mia lebih dekat, ia tak bisa menemukan alasan untuk berhenti menyukai Mia.

Mereka dipaksa mempertanyakan kembali impian-impian mereka bersama saat satu per satu kebenaran menyakitkan mulai terkuak, yang membuat Liam tak menyangka bahwa Mia tidak seperti kebanyakan orang yang pernah dikenalnya, dan yang membuat Mia tak menyangka bahwa permainan Seven Minutes in Heaven di musim gugur kala itu akan membawa pengaruh cukup besar di hidupnya.
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Seven minutes in heaven(adrienette short)

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, any of its characters, the game seven minutes in heaven or you:) Being as oblivious as he is, Tobi proposes a game of seven m.
Yuanita Wong

7 Minutes in Heaven- Akatsuki Style

Other stories Home. OKAY before you start reading, this is a 7 minutes in heaven story I will seperate all of the people so you can tell which one is which. I warn you now this is mature material and if you don't like 'spicy' romance then don't read it. Okay now that I have ranted let us get on with the story. Too bad you already knew the answer.

Omg, that was so cute! Kakuzu is one of my fav charaters. I love the last part with Deidara and Tobi! Leave a message, tell me what you think! Looking for Something? Everyone else in the room looks at you with one or both eyebrows raised, but you shrug it off. After your outburst it goes quiet for a moment, then Itachi points out, deciding to enlighten those that haven't already noticed,.

He drags you over to the couch, slumping you down and lounging himself down next to you. Hidan merely smirked at you as you tried to pull your arm away from him, only to gain his tighter grip. Tobi likes games! You roll your eyes, thinking of a million other things you could be doing when Konan brings out a small hat. See More by jade It was the middle of summer, meaning sometimes the normal armour was far too warm to just train in.

Read Akatsuki: 7 minutes in heaven intro from the story Akatsuki: 7 minutes in heaven by lizzyuchiha (Elizabeth) with reads. sasori, deidara, minutes. Y.
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Anyways, I was looking for said game Akatsuki version, and a lot of them sucked. So I decided to try and write my own version, and try to make is as good as I can. In however way your OC does it, you are a new member of the Akatsuki.

You have New Private Message s! Read Now. I made this random so you have no clue who you get. Female, Canada Joined: 10 yrs, 8 mos ago 15, Posts. Hidan You spin the bottle and it lands on Hidan.

It had been hours since you got a text from anyone. Sitting up and taking your heels off the edge of the table, you leaned forward and grabbed your phone to check the message. To your surprise, the message was from Deidara. We are throwing a party and figured you deserved an invite after helping Itachi and Sasuke move into their new house. It caught you off guard. Honestly, you had expected to sit home alone the rest of night as your television droned on, useless commercials playing as you zoned out. A part of you still wanted to do just that, ignore the invite.

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