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j & c fischer new york piano

Piano Tuning: A Simple and Accurate Method for Amateurs by J. Cree Fischer

If you have a note that has dropped in pitch, do you have to call in the tuner? A stuck key? Sympathetic rattle? Missing bridles? A broken hammer shank? An unglued ivory? The answer, in each case, is no: you can make all of these repairs yourself!
This is the clearest and most complete book available for beginning tuners and amateur pianists. It explains all the basic processes practically and with model clarity. A non-musician can use this book without too much difficulty.
You will learn how upright, grand, and square actions work, and how to take care of the smallest repairs — repairing stuck keys, poorly adjusted bottoms and capstans, crowded back checks, felts and leather on the hammers, hammer stems; softening damper and hammer felts; installing new bridles; eliminating sympathetic rattle; all with a minimum of tools and training.
You will learn a professional method of tuning based on slightly flattened fifths, where only the octave and the upward fifth intervals are used. This is one of the easiest systems to learn, one capable of a great deal of control, and one perfectly suited to adjusting one or two keys. It is a tested method especially right for amateurs working without a teacher, and a method that trains the ear for other recommended systems. The author also explains beats, the theory of the tempered scale, and useful experiments you can make with harmonic phenomena.
If you want to experiment with tuning a piano, there is no better book to start with. It will help performers and teachers make occasional repairs and learn the structure and scale of the piano. Those who want to know how pianos work will find this book both clear and useful.
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J. & C. Fischer Pianos

Fischer built high quality, expensive pianos from about , one of the very few American piano companies to survive well over a century! This piano is made in an unusual and elegant Late Victorian style in red mahogany. This piano will be stunning after restoration. It includes an original matching period bench. This piano can be fitted with a computerized player. Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Before his grandsons John and Charles took the company to America, Fischer began a long family tradition of piano making. He moved from Vienna to Naples, Italy, at the close of the 18th century. By , J. Fischer Company was producing nearly 5, pianos per year and had already celebrated the production of the ,th piano. A series of buyouts began in when J.

Scroll down to see the piano restoration process! Note the elaborately carved legs, moldings and pillars which give this piano a uniquely beautiful appearance. When this piano came into our restoration shop, the interior was completely worn out and the instrument was virtually unusable. Decades of harsh use and neglect had virtually destroyed the interior mechanisms which required the piano to undergo a full frame-off restoration. Not only is the piano a beautiful piece of furniture, but the tone quality is extraordinary. Because of its large size, this piano has exceptionally long strings and large soundboard area.

Vienna Piano Makers Migrate to America. Both John U. Fischer, great grand children of the famed piano maker to King Ferdinand I, of Naples, were already professional craftsmen when they arrived in New York City in
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  1. The tone, quality and durability of Fischer pianos won the firm high praise for well over a century.

  2. The early 20th Century saw a revival in classic historical furniture styles and finishes, so piano manufacturers began to offer models that reflected these classic styles.

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