Mitchell tucker from horse crazy too

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mitchell tucker from horse crazy too

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (Tucker Max, #1) by Tucker Max

My name is Tucker Max and Im an asshole.. Mate, your name is Tucker and you attended law school, so the second half of that sentence seems redundant to me.

The humor here seems to be the continuation of a long line of misogynist, sometimes crypto-racist, mostly Caucasian males: Andrew Dice Clay, Howard Stern, Morton Downey Jr., Animal House (while funny, did spotlight frat-boy antics), Frank Zappas more misogynist moments (think Dinah-Moe-Hum and Jewish Princess) and on and on. In the 90s, Maxs type were labelled mooks--beer guzzling, baseball cap-wearing, aggressive & obnoxious. He seems to be a curious mutation, though--the upper-class mook..hes still a knuckle-dragger, but hes read a few books, instead of treating them like Kryptonite.

He disregards social drinking alcohol, a legal drug--usually in bars or restaurants, where its legally acceptable to do so. Get this, he copulates....with WOMEN, no less. This critter is off the f**kin CHAIN! Hes had sex with multiple partners..oh man, where *will* his rebellion stop?! When he drinks too much alcohol, he vomits--thats just insane! He has a crowd of sycophantic gits with names like BrownHole, Mudskipper and LungFish (O.K., I made up the last two - but you get the idea), who follow him around, laugh at his lame jokes and attempt to bask in the glory of the Tucker.

Seriously, I just didnt find any of it that funny--I know people keep going on about how hilarious this bloke is, but maybe I just dont get frat-boy humor. I mean, the type of wit were dealing with here is stuff like: I was about to have buttsex, known in the biz as anal... Oh really? I thought it was called tromboning--thanks for clearing that up for me. He makes fun of an Asian girls speech and actually types Rike for like. He insults a pot-smoker by telling them they smell like patchouli and bong-water--my sides are splitting. I can get low-brow as much as the next guy or gal, as long as it delivers the funny--Max doesnt deliver at all, he doesnt even get close. Also, he likes to refer to himself in the third person quite a bit, which does my head in, especially when bad writers do it.

Anyway, Ive wasted enough time and effort on reviewing this mediocrity. Since I dont believe in Hell--The Tuckers penance can be to plant trees to replace every scrap of paper used to print his book, while being fellated by an ill-tempered badger.

1/2 a star and a W rating (for Wwwwwwwwwwanker)
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Tucker Max

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