Why do we take life for granted

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why do we take life for granted

Granted Quotes (30 quotes)

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Published 01.05.2019

Before You Take Someone For Granted - WATCH THIS - by Jay Shetty - XoXo

Why and How to Stop Taking So Much In Your Life For Granted

In fact, usually we tend to count our misfortunes instead of counting our blessings. We take life for granted and forget to live our lives the way we should: with peace and contentment. Nothing lasts forever. And before our fleeting life takes away from us what we fail to appreciate, we need to change our mindsets. Instead of attaching ourselves to the thinking that we need to keep adding to our life, we need to embrace the mindset that what we already have is quite enough.

We fall madly in love with someone, but over time we begin to see more flaws in our beloved, than beauty. We awaken every morning with our lungs filled with fresh, clean air, a full 24 hours to live in a functioning body on an incredibly beautiful planet, but as we have done it so many times before, we assume it will happen again. Over time, waking up loses its novelty, and instead of feeling like a miracle it becomes a chore. We take it for granted. It is a tragic and seemingly never ending cycle.

Taking things for granted is my topic today, following some major inspiration from a relative of mine recently, let me explain…. The week before last, my brother and I visited our Uncle up up from us Southerners a least in the Midlands as he has been poorly following a cancer diagnosis. He happened to say something that really resonated with me. He is currently experiencing ongoing pain and discomfort due to his illness. This struck me. I have been doing my best to celebrate feeling normal since then, more so than usual.


Why we take things for granted and how to stop. This article is one of the top results for searches related to why we take things for granted. Thanks for reading! If you get value from what we write, please consider supporting us by checking out the overview for our best-selling work, "An owner's guide to the mind". We all take things for granted, especially things that seem everlasting - for example, our health, our family, and even life in general.

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  1. It means that we don't understand that we have a limited time on this earth and we do things to our body and mind (drugs, stress, etc.) thinking that we are.

  2. If we all stopped for a moment and looked around us, we would find “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. Some of these people will never have the ability to walk again, something we take for granted on a daily basis.

  3. It's easy for me to say that I take life for granted. I complain about the First world problems, am I ringing a bell with any of you? Video Player is.

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