How i did it by jack the ripper sherlock

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how i did it by jack the ripper sherlock

Best Sherlock Holmes Vs. Jack The Ripper Fiction (19 books)

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Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper #1 - Whitechapel

Did Arthur Conan Doyle and ‘the real Sherlock Holmes’ solve the Jack the Ripper mystery?

Who would have come out on top? When you walk out of the underground station on Baker Street you will be greeted by a statue of Sherlock Holmes, deerstalker and all — a further testament to the works of Doyle. Holmes was famous for refusing to rule out any possibility unless presented with absolute concrete evidence to prove otherwise. Would Holmes have arrived at the same conclusion as the many others before him? Or would the detective regard such an obvious fact to be, in fact, nothing more than a deception on the way to revealing the true identity of the killer? But would he have had the mind to outsmart Holmes, who prided himself on seemingly always being one step ahead, and at least two in front of Scotland Yard which he would have taken great pleasure in boasting? Holmes first appeared in , just a year before the killing in Whitechapel, with Doyle continuing to write stories up until

Ripper author Diane Madsen believes Doyle and his mentor Joseph Bell correctly deduced the identity of the Victorian serial killer. By Paul Jones. Doyle was a clerk under Dr Bell at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary during the late s and credits the pioneering forensic scientist as a key inspiration for his literary detective and his renowned methods of deductive reasoning. Meanwhile, Doyle himself is said to have later been taken on a tour of the same East End streets where the killings took place by a police detective who had worked on the case. Bell duly filed a report to Scotland Yard, and soon afterwards the murders stopped. But no such document has ever been found among the case files, and Madsen believes this points to an official cover up. I believe that if the government had asked Conan Doyle to be quiet he would have done.

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And the carousing sleuth and murderer would be Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper, respectively. These two men have often faced off in the pages of novels and short stories — and, apparently, in video games too. And if you think the gap between fiction and fact creates a credibility problem, consider this paradox: Holmes, the imagined character , has been such a recognisable, well-loved and widely portrayed figure over the past century that many people think he was an actual person. While the Ripper, who really did exist , has become shadowy, mythical — and sometimes even romanticised — because he was never caught. In other words, here are two celebrated fictional sleuths tangling with a real-life mystery, and with each other, across time and space. There is also the very enjoyable film Murder by Decree , notable less for its plot which draws on a much-rehashed conspiracy theory involving a Royal Family scandal and more for its atmospheric set design and its cast — Christopher Plummer and James Mason had a grand time playing Holmes and Watson respectively, and the supporting players included such heavyweights as John Gielgud, Genevieve Bujold and Donald Sutherland.

Sherlock Holmes made his debut in The Strand magazine the year before the Ripper killings and is the quintessential Victorian detective. While the Ripper murders were taking place, Holmes was investigating the case of The Sign of the Four and the Silver Blaze disappearance. While the Holmes canon has no mention of the Ripper crimes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was asked to theorise on the murders theorising it was a woman, possibly a midwife, or someone disguised as either and Holmes has come face to face with Jack many times in non canonical works. Here are some of the times Holmes has gone toe-to-toe with the Whitechapel Murderer:. Novel for a Ripper film in that it is not based on any particular theory other than it was someone in the aristocracy , but completely ignores many facts and details preferring to make up its own.

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