How to help my blind dog adjust

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how to help my blind dog adjust

Living With Blind Dogs: A Resource Book and Training Guide for the Owners of Blind and Low-Vision Dogs by Caroline D. Levin

With a unique combination of professional experiences, Caroline Levin has created the first-ever resource book for the owners of blind and low-vision dogs. Both the veterinary community and dog-owners alike are hailing the arrival of Living With Blind Dogs.

In it, Levin successfully answers the question most commonly asked by devastated pet-lovers: What do I do now?

Levin came to write this book, when after a decade in human ophthalmic nursing she left that field to manage an ophthalmic veterinary clinic. Here, she was able to meld her knowledge of ophthalmology with her love of dogs, developing badly needed educational materials for clients. Levin took the opportunity to meet many blind dogs and talk with their owners.

Caroline Levin is also an award-winning dog trainer. She has an in-depth understanding of canine behavior and the methods used to successfully train dogs. She shows her dogs in obedience competitions and the new sport of musical canine freestyle.
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Tips on Living With A BLIND dog

How to Help a Blind Dog Adapt

Humans rely on their eyes more than any other sense. Dogs, however, are different. This is because dogs use their sense of smell and hearing to navigate their world just as much, if not more, than sight. Sudden blindness, however, is disorienting, confusing, and often scary. Dogs thrive on routine, and blind dogs depend on it. Blind dogs can find stairs, pools, and sharp edges to be extremely problematic.

Skip to: content. It was a beautiful day in coastal Oregon when fourteen-year-old Lisa and her brother Joe decided to go for a swim in the ocean. The tide changed suddenly, turning their lively voices into terrified screams as brother and sister realized they were being pulled into deep water.
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Total Wellness Plan

We asked our members and other blind dog owners to share tips on living with blind dogs. We heard some great ideas, and have shared them below. Dogs who are born deaf and blind adjust to themselves from day one — they do not know anything different. Put the food bowl in the same place, start the dog off in the same spot in the yard. Keep the dog in a limited space such as a crate, laundry room or bedroom when no one is home so that they are not trying to navigate large areas of the house alone. Be cautious and watchful in strange environments so that your dog does not get overwhelmed and stressed without you realizing it. I take her for walks where I expect there to be a variety of smells — bunny, squirrel, raccoon, deer, ducks, geese yes, I live in doggy heaven!

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