How to inspire your child to greatness

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how to inspire your child to greatness

Raising Kids for True Greatness: Redefine Success for You and Your Child by Tim Kimmel

You want only the best for your kids. And you want them to be successful. Sure, theres nothing wrong with that. But what if there was something more? Could your definition of success be leaving out the most important part?

What about greatness? Where does it fit in? If you aim your children at anything less than greatness, youll set them up to miss the whole point of their lives, says author Tim Kimmel. In Raising Kids for True Greatness, Kimmel turns the definition of success on its head and guides you in preparing your child for a life that will easily eclipse the goals of those who are merely successful.

Learn how to prepare your kids for rich lives of true greatness by helping them find answers to lifes three most crucial, life-changing questions regarding their mission, mate, and master:

What are they going to do with their potential?
Who will they spend their lives with?
Who will they live it for?
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As parents, we are able to recognize our children's strengths and potential but don't always appropriately encourage them to make big dreams, accomplish their .
Tim Kimmel

5 Tips on Preparing Young People for Greatness

Last week we looked at some examples of individuals who have given credit for their achievements to others who made an impact on their lives. Today we will focus on how we can help the children in our lives to keep their minds open as they build their future and develop their self-esteem. The word Ubuntu is a classical African concept. It is important to make sure that our children have opportunities to see many different kinds of environments, culture and art, to hear a variety of types of music, languages, accents, animals and birds, and to observe and do many different kinds of activities. Just having the exposure to different cultures and stimulation that varies greatly will help them to be more open to new things when they come along. Children often resist something new because it is unfamiliar to them, but parents and teachers must encourage initial exposure as we live in a dynamically changing world. If you interact with children and young people in your daily life, you have the power to shape their self-image.

We all want our children to become leaders. Whether they spend the bulk of their days in the mailroom or the corner office, we want our children to grow to be courageous, passionate and authentic. We want their actions to inspire other people to be their best, to get more out of life than they ever thought possible. We can model and teach the skills that will equip them to lead themselves and others in this hyper-competitive world, or we can allow them to fall victim to the kind of thinking that makes them slaves to the status quo. Children learn emotional intelligence from their parents, plain and simple.

I don't want to motivate manipulate my children to make good choices, I want to inspire them to pursue greatness, to be their best selves, to fully.
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4. Make Things Competitive.

What many of us fail to recognize is that at a young age, your child may still only be seeing the roadblocks that stand in their way as opposed to the possibility of reaching the endless possibilities of their potential. More importantly, they may even believe that their dreams are not within reach, and that they may not have what is required in order to achieve success within their lives. As parents, it is our job to encourage our children to overcome all barriers, and to go after and work hard for what they want, and with some vital. In order to spark the imagination within your child in regards to what they can become, who they can be and the kind of things that they can achieve, they have to be provided with opportunity; opportunity to do things that they love, opportunity to find new hidden talents; opportunity to see what the world has to offer; to find their passion. Doing so will allow them to find the things that they truly love to do and will open their mind to their endless possibilities that are within their reach.

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