How to make a shadow box out of a shoebox

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how to make a shadow box out of a shoebox

The Shoebox Bible by Alan Bradley

Any book that includes my grandmother must rate five stars out of five, right?

Let me try to be objective for a minute. This memoir concerns a boy whose father abandoned his family (wife, two daughters, son, then two). It was WWII, so King and country offer some extenuating circumstances, but after the war there is no reconciliation. The father makes a single additional appearance. He returns to say he is leaving again.

That man, the father, was my grandmothers brother, Joe.

Spoiler alert. My grandmother makes a brief appearance near the end of the book. She tells the author that his father has sometimes, late at night, called her through the years. No one ever saw him again, but he told his sister that he had wasted his life. My grandmother told Alan not to tell his mother of these calls, and he didnt.

Its Alans mother who is the hero of the book. Its her shoebox bible that is the Bible of the title, and it is stuffed with mementos of her marriage and her loneliness. Her lifelong hope that Joe is going to return is as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming.

When I was half-way through the book my brother asked me what I thought. The writing is very good, I said. The drama is understated, though. I had to wrestle some with my expectations. I was waiting for something more operatic, more painful and splitting. But its not that kind of book. Its not filmable, if you know what I mean. The conflict is muted, the sad beauty given prominence.

And what a beautiful book, Alan. Tremendous.
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DIY: shadow puppet show theater using shoe box - How to make your own puppet show theater for kids

TUTORIAL: How to make a puppet theatre from a shoebox in 5 minutes

Finger puppets are always a fun idea for kids, and this little shoebox theatre is the perfect stage for them. Perfect for school holidays — and beyond! A shoebox or gift box with a lid Wrapping paper Pom-pom trim Or you could make mini washi tape bunting from my very old tutorial Scissors Craft knife Tape Confetti and a length of fabric for a backdrop — optional Finger puppets. Fast and easy. Cut a piece of wrapping paper a few centimetres bigger than the lid. The folds will create nice neat edges, which is easier than trying to cut the paper to exactly the right size.

DIY shoebox shelves are a great way to recycle your cardboard while also adding attractive art to your walls. The best part of this project is that it's completely customizable. You can paint the inside and outside of the box in contrasting colors or choose one striking shade for consistency. You can even glue the lid inside the larger box to create a shelf within a shelf. Instead of recycling your shoebox lids, indulge your inner crafter by creating these decorative, personalized pieces of wall art. First, gather some patterned paper or clippings from old magazines. Apply a thin coat of decoupage medium to the lid, lay the paper on top to cover the lid, let it dry, and then apply a top coat of decoupage medium to seal the entire piece.

I love the color scheme on the example. Unique shadow boxes are hard to come by. I never considered making my own, till now! What a great idea! Yet I love going thrifting. This project will help. This is a brilliant idea.

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