How to put yourself in someone elses shoes

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how to put yourself in someone elses shoes

Quote by Rachel Grady: “Always put yourself in others shoes. If you fe...”

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Really Putting Yourself in Other's Shoes - [English]: Yayoi Oguma at TEDxTokyo

I still remember the time I tried to comfort one of my best friends when her father died. But, when I offered sympathy, she balked.

put (oneself) in (someone's) shoes

Find out everything you need to know about empathy: What is empathy, definition, and concept, characteristics of empathetic people, types of empathy, differences between empathy and assertiveness, its benefits, how to improve or practice it and much more. If you want to share your experience or ask us any questions please leave your comment below. The Oxford dictionary defines it as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. The first description of empathy is the one we usually use and refers to the emotional aspect. The art of understanding emotions is more complex than it may seem.

You can empathize with people in three ways: recognizing their situations as analogous to your own, perceiving their pain or emotions using.
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Some people are able to channel their thoughts and feelings with ease, able to change how they think and feel with a snap of a finger; however, for other people, you really have to dig deep, to look deeply into their eyes and uncover their soul one piece at a time. You learn their past, their values, their view of the world, and hopefully, you learn to accept it. To really get into their shoes, you need to try and see the world through their eyes. Start off with yourself; how do you think they would see you? What would they notice first? Your eyes? Your smile?

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