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To Catch A Thief by David Dodge

David Dodge’s writing style often reminds me of Montgomery Clift’s acting style; five minutes into the film or the narrative, you forget either exist. Clift’s fine performances were often overlooked, because they weren’t showy. Clift no longer existed, only the character he was portraying. And in a David Dodge novel, the writer no longer exists, just the character and story. In this case the character is John Robie, or Le Chat, the retired thief. As Somerset Maugham noted, the reader should never realize the writer exists if a story is told properly. Everything should happen as if by some magic happenstance where we are privy to a great story. That style isn’t showy, it doesn’t call attention to itself, but when it’s done to perfection, as Dodge so often did, it’s a heck of a read.

I love the film based on the book, but since it has been many years since I’ve viewed it, I’ll only state that a few differences certainly exist. Francie here is a blue-eyed brunette, for example, and the romance more intellectual. Robie, in fact — or Jack Burns throughout much of this book — doesn’t even realize romantic feelings toward him exist in Francie. He believes — for good reason — that she in fact dislikes him. Only Robie’s friend Bellini is emotionally aware enough to realize Francie’s reason for living.

In many ways To Catch a Thief is the quintessential thief story. The colorful locations along the French Riviera make it all sparkle with glamor and elegance. Yet there is something more going on here, as Dodge subtly explores Robie’s own nature, and the world of the classic high-end thief. Beneath a fast-flowing and entertaining narrative are insights into Robie’s psyche, which encapsulates all those to whom he is loyal, and who are loyal to him. In Robie’s world, there is indeed honor among thieves, most of whom served beside him in a kind of Resistance during the war, called the Maquis. Once the war was over, the Sûreté looked the other way in regard to their prior crimes, and the great Le Chat — The Cat — simply ceased to exist. But someone has made it seem as though he has returned, their acrobatic feats as they plunder priceless jewels across the Riviera pointing to one man — Le Chat. If the American Robie is to remain a free man in France, rather than leave all he loves behind, and flee, he must gather his old loyal confederates and try to capture the imposter himself.

What follows is fun and exciting, as Robie changes identities, sets up surveillances, and hires an escort in Danielle, who it turns out mirrors the dead wife of his loyal friend Paul. It is Robie’s loyalty, however, which causes him problems, making him reluctant to reveal his predicament, and explain why he’s pretending to be Jack Burns. In Paul’s case, he doesn’t want to involve him on the chance that something will go wrong. But in Francie’s case, it is because she is not a thief, therefor she cannot be trusted. It is an interesting psychological insight, and is fully explored in a swiftly-moving narrative full of color and elegance. Francie does at first appear to warrant Robie’s reticence to allow her in, because she appears to be a very strange girl only out for kicks. Robie is chained to her by blackmail, because she’s guessed who he is, even wants him to steal her mother’s jewels.

A big party, an exciting and dangerous chase across rooftops — which is also how the book begins — and the startling discovery of who has been mimicking Le Chat, brings about a truly unconventional solution. This again plays into the loyalty and psychology of thieves. Is the ending romantic? Does Robie finally realize what his pal Bellini has known all along? You’ll have to read it to find out. There is no existential, stream-of-consciousness, experimental nonsense here. This is simply an elegantly atmospheric narrative of crime and romance, wonderfully told by a writer who understood that the best way to tell a great story, was just to tell it. It makes for a smooth, enjoyable ride along the French Riviera.
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The Bill Sseries 9 Episode 101 To Catch A Thief

It Takes a Thief is an American reality television series that originally aired on the Discovery Now they're back for one last job because to catch a thief.
David Dodge

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It Takes a Thief to Catch a Thief Episodes Guide and Summaries

Grant stars as a former high-class American thief known as "The Cat," who has retired on the French Riviera. When the area is hit by a Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Created with Sketch. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Sign up to get started Login About My Watchlist.

This robbery is filmed on an ad-hoc CCTV system installed in the house by the show's technical staff, and is played back for the viewing audience in real-time burglaries that take over 10 to 15 minutes are edited for time. The homeowners must secure their house normally. Matt usually comments on the robbery in progress while watching the CCTV in a nearby van, while Jon cases and then robs the houses. The homeowners then return to their houses either with Matt or, in later episodes, independently to survey the damage that Jon caused while robbing their house. Invariably, despite the fact the homeowners know they are going to get everything back, they are always devastated to discover how vulnerable they were, and being robbed even with their consent makes them feel violated.

It Takes a Thief is an American reality television series that originally aired on the Discovery Channel from February 2, to April 13, With the owners' permission, the hosts stage a full-fledged burglary as their victims watch on closed-circuit television CCTV , either live during the break-in for season 1 or in real time with pre-recorded video playback for season 2. Rainey assumes the burglar role and plans and executes the break-ins while Johnston acts as mentor to the security-challenged owners. Immediately following the burglary, Johnston and Rainey meet with the residents to return their stolen goods and explain to them what they have been doing wrong. Johnston then organizes a complete security makeover and provides additional safety tips. Weeks later, Johnston and Rainey return and attempt another break-in to test whether the homeowners are using their new security system properly.

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