How to be a boy racer

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how to be a boy racer

Boy Racer: My Journey to Tour de France Record-Breaker by Mark Cavendish

More memoir than biography this book covers the fourteen days that Mark Cavendish spent in the 2008 Tour de France. Each chapter tells the story of a stage. As Cavendish relates the stage, each chapter also falls back to a story from his past - from his childhood, from his academy days or from his more recent days as a neo-pro. The transitions feel both natural and relevant. My only real niggle is that some chapters felt a little light on the details of the present day stage race. Which, after all, is what the book is supposed to be about.

Its not entirely clear how much help Cavendish had with the writing, no ghost writer is listed but the back of the book thanks Daniel Friebe for his help. That said, either Friebe is a fantastic ghost writer or his touch was very light as this book reads exactly like youd imagine Cavendish would tell you the story. Swearing, humour, arrogance and humility, as well as stories and opinions about colleagues that you imagine theyd rather he didnt tell are all in here. They add to the realism and manage to avoid being just an opportunity for Cavendish to tell you why some professional cyclists are even bigger arses than himself.

At the end of the book is a small epilogue that quickly skims you over the rest of his year up to the point where he presumably wrote the book. This edition also has an equally whirlwind telling of the 2009 Tour de France in a final chapter. While a nice extra to convince people to bye this second printing, it probably warrants a second book rather than just an extra chapter. Both these final sections lack the level of engagement that was in the main book and felt a little rushed.
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How to be a boy racer🏎

Are you a boy racer?

This passing-your-driving-test business is great. Not only can I swan around sniggering mercilessly at L-drivers, but people are now beginning to give me free stuff. Like Ford, who offered me a lash around the racing track in Mondello with a professional instructor in their boy racer special, the 2-litre, bhp Fiesta ST. Considering my past pronouncements on boy racers and their cars, I reckoned this was a brave move. I warned them beforehand that I would have no qualms about saying the Fiesta was rubbish if I deemed it so. Which, thankfully for all concerned, it wasn't. That said, my first view was a bit of a shock.

2. How big is your exhaust?

HOW TO: Be a Boyracer

Driving like a boy racer takes commitment. Take our test to find out once and for all: are you a boy racer? Did you know: Midrive is the 1 national driving lesson provider on Trustpilot! Find out more. There are two kinds of boy racers — the ones with flash supercars and the ones with modified Vauxhall Corsas. Either one qualifies, but the latter is the most common example.

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  1. A boy racer is a motorist of any gender who drives an automobile that has been modified with aftermarket body kits, audio system and exhaust system, usually in .

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