Modern western worldview vs postmodern worldview

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modern western worldview vs postmodern worldview

Postmodern Times: A Christian Guide to Contemporary Thought and Culture by Gene Edward Veith Jr.

The modern era is over. Assumptions that shaped twentieth-century thought and culture, the bridges we crossed to this present moment, have blown up. The postmodern age has begun.

Just what is postmodernism? The average person would be shocked by its creed: Truth, meaning, and individual identity do not exist. These are social constructs. Human life has no special significance, no more value than animal or plant life. All social relationships, all institutions, all moral values are expressions and masks of the primal will to power.

Alarmingly, these ideas have gripped the nations universities, which turn out todays lawyers, judges, writers, journalists, teachers, and other culture-shapers. Through societys influences, postmodernist ideas have seeped into films, television, art, literature, politics; and, without his knowing it, into the head of the average person on the street.

Christ has called us to proclaim the gospel to a culture grappling with postmodernism. We must understand our times. Then, through the power that Christ gives, we can counter the prevailing culture and proclaim His sufficiency to our societys very points of need.

While pundits wring their hands over the radicalism of political correctness, speech codes, and outrageous art, Gene Edward Veith takes unerring aim at the intellectual roots of it all. The most important book for anyone who wants to know whats behind the political correctness movement. --Chuck Colson, founder, Prison Fellowship

An ideal guide for Christians who dont want to be like the notorious military strategist preparing to fight the last war instead of the next one. --Herbert Schlossberg, author, Idols for Destruction

Pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of postmodern thought and points the way for Christians to take advantage of both. --E. Calvin Beisner, Covenant College
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'A World Without a World View: the condition of post-modernity'

The postmodern worldview questions modernity; emphasizes diversity, Moreover, while these worldviews have been observed in Western societies, at this and artistic dimensions), rather than being objective as modern science claims.
Gene Edward Veith Jr.

Premodern vs Modernism vs Postmodern: A Theory

Postmodernism — A Description Postmodernism is difficult to define, because to define it would violate the postmodernist's premise that no definite terms, boundaries, or absolute truths exist. Are nationalism, politics, religion, and war the result of a primitive human mentality? Is truth an illusion? How can Christianity claim primacy or dictate morals? The list of concerns goes on and on especially for those affected by a postmodern philosophy and lifestyle.

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We all view the world around us through a prism that colors or distorts what we see. Our view is influenced by our values and our culture. We say our beliefs are constant and unchanging. But are they? It has been said that we live in a postmodern world. What does that mean? What are the signs of the times?

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  1. Whereas the central concern of other worldviews is what the real world actually is , The optimism of the modern project, which was based on a false confidence in . ironically exists only in the context of modernism and Western civilization!.

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