Let go let god meaning

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let go let god meaning

Let Go Quotes (374 quotes)

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Published 23.03.2019

Should I ‘Let Go and Let God’?

We made it to church 2 weeks in a row. I was determined to go today to pray especially for my friend Staci and her mother Elaine and their family.

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The verdict has been set, you decided to go on your own journey. But all I wanted was to be part of it. At the time, you told me I thought you were selfish. I felt that you removed my right to be part of your life, but now that we are in the clear, I now realize that I am the selfish one. I know in His presence you will be filled with love, joy, peace, understanding, wisdom, and patience. Letting God lead the way even when there is no tangible assurance that you will return is quite daunting, but I will trust the Lord for He already planned this even before time.

By Mary Kupferle. Does something in your life seem out of control? If so, it is time to let God handle it. Whether it is an emotional upset, a mental block, a physical challenge, or a relationship problem, the solution for each is the same:. Let Go! Let God handle it all!

Greetings and divine blessings for all of you here, my dearest friends. With joy and love I resume a new working season to give you all the assistance and guidance you could possibly require. Your growth continues to the degree you truly desire it. It has already borne wonderful fruit and will continue to do so. Everyone of you may find in the words I am privileged to speak this evening what you most need now. If you try to listen with your inner ear, see with your inner eye, feel with your innermost being, and let the doubting mind rest, you will find exactly what you most need for your development. Letting go obviously means letting go of the limited ego with its self-will, its narrow understanding and its preconceptions.

1. Stop Striving & Start Abiding

Have you heard this phrase before? What does it mean to let go?

LET GO! Note: you do not have to be religious to do this! Letting go is the ultimate answer to distress, when all else fails. Resisting and rejecting our present experience sometimes just keeps us locked in struggle against it - wasting valuable energy that could go into creative transformation into new patterns and new perceptions. There is a wise saying which goes "What we resist, persists". Letting go is the ultimate protection against " Burnout "!

Kind of Zen-like. Release all your struggles. Let them melt away. Allow them to dissolve into the almighty power of God. When I read scripture, I can clearly see that there are times when it really is appropriate to let go and let God handle everything. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

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  1. Let us examine the true meaning of “Let go, let God” for there is a lot more to this saying than meets the eye, my friends. Letting go obviously.

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