Does the swank diet work for ms

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does the swank diet work for ms

The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book by Roy Laver Swank

Okay, when you are first dx with MS there is a fight or flight reflex. I read everything. If you want to change your diet there are two ways and Ive tried them both. SWANK WORKS. End of story. Dr Swank first gives you the background - how he came up with the low saturated fat diet. He brings you on his journey. Then he shows you the science. So even if it seems hard - he has proven it is worth it. THIS BOOK SAVED MY LIFE. Only my family and I know how bad things were getting before I read this book. Now, well, Ive been following Swank for two years and have never been healthier. If you have any neurological disease give it a go. The worse side effect is losing weight. The best is regaining your life.
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FUMS 010 - Dr. Terry Wahls On Her Diet vs. Dr. Roy Swank's Diet for MS

What to Know About MS and Diet: Wahls, Swank, Paleo, and Gluten-Free like MS is ongoing, many people in the MS community believe diet does play . You can do a lot of prep work to make the perfect sleep environment.
Roy Laver Swank

Does the Swank diet help with multiple sclerosis?

When you live with multiple sclerosis MS , the foods you eat can make a significant difference in your overall health. While the research on diet and autoimmune diseases like MS is ongoing, many people in the MS community believe diet does play a significant role in how they feel. For some, simply making a few minor changes in their daily food choices is enough. But for others, adopting a diet program seems to help reduce existing symptoms and keep new ones away. Healthline talked with two experts to find out the pros and need-to-knows of some of the most popular diets with the MS community. Nutrition plays a vital role in boosting our health. And if you live with MS, you know how important diet is in managing symptoms like inflammation and fatigue.

The overlying premise of the diet is simple: Cutting out saturated fat and focusing on eating more fish might help prevent problems with blood flow that ostensibly could play a role in symptoms of MS. There's little scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of the Swank diet, and so, as a therapy for MS, it's regarded as a form of complementary and alternative medicine CAM. However, enough people with MS who've tried the diet have found it to be helpful enough to continue its use. The doctor who developed the diet, Roy Swank, MD, PhD, was inspired by geographical and dietary differences in the epidemiology of MS, which caused him to theorize that diet could play an important role in the disease. He also noticed that in Norway in particular, people who lived in fishing communities where fish is the main part of the diet were significantly less likely to develop MS than Norwegians who lived in the mountains where meat is the main dietary component. Also, Dr. Swank saw that after a high-fat meal is consumed, blood cells tend to clump together, blocking circulation in capillaries.

What is the Swank diet?

If you are reading this, chances are that you, or someone you care about, are facing the challenge of multiple sclerosis. And you are probably looking for a better way to health than simply relying on a continuous round of medication. Celebrating the th Birthday of Dr. Roy L. Back in , Dr.

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  1. The Swank diet is a low-fat diet based on findings of a study into the prevalence of multiple sclerosis (MS) The DASH Diet: How does it work?.

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