When did lucille ball die

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when did lucille ball die

Love, Lucy by Lucille Ball


The one and only autobiography by the iconic Lucille Ball, hailed by TV Guide as the #1 Greatest TV Star of All Time.

Love, Lucy is the valentine Lucille Ball left for her fans--a warm, wise, and witty memoir written by Lucy herself. The legendary star of the classic sitcom I Love Lucy was at the pinnacle of her success when she sat down to record the story of her life. No comedienne had made America laugh so hard, no television actress had made the leap from radio and B movies to become one of the worlds best-loved performers. This is her story--in her own words.

The story of the ingenue from Jamestown, New York, determined to go to Broadway, destined to make a big splash, bound to marry her Valentino, Desi Arnaz. In her own inimitable style, she tells of their life together--both storybook and turbulent; intimate memories of their children and friends; wonderful backstage anecdotes; the empire they founded; the dissolution of their marriage. And, with a heartfelt happy ending, her enduring marriage to Gary Morton.

Here is the lost manuscript that her fans and loved ones will treasure. Here is the laughter. Here is the life. Heres Lucy...
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Headline News - on the Death of Lucille Ball, 1989

Lucille Ball, the leggy showgirl, model and B-grade movie queen whose pumpkin hair and genius for comedy made her an icon of television, died early Wednesday, a week after undergoing emergency heart surgery. Hospital spokesman Ronald Wise said the rupture occurred in a portion of the aorta, the main heart artery, far from where the operation was performed.
Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball

Here are 15 secrets you never knew about their relationship. When the idea for I Love Lucy came to fruition, the married duo was already living two very separate lives — Ball was a rising star while Arnaz was constantly travelling with his band. She wanted him at home, where she felt the marriage would have a better chance of lasting, which of course it did. In addition to casting Arnaz in the show, Ball thought starting a family would help keep him at home instead of off causing mischief with his band. But having children proved to be a long and painful process. For a while, at least.

Born on August 6, , in Jamestown, New York, Lucille Ball got her start as a singer, model and film star before becoming one of America's top comedic actresses with the s TV show I Love Lucy , co-starring on the show with her husband, Desi Arnaz. She died in The elder of the couple's two children her brother, Fred, was born in , Lucille had a hardscrabble childhood shaped by tragedy and a lack of money. Ball's father, Henry or Had, as he was known to his family was an electrician, and not long after his daughter's birth he relocated the family to Montana for work. Then it was off to Michigan, where Had took a job as a telephone lineman with the Michigan Bell Company.

Lucille Ball was an American radio, television, and film actress. She is best remembered for her television comedy series I Love Lucy , which aired on the Columbia Broadcasting System from to Ball won an Emmy Award for her performance on the show in Lucille Ball left high school at age 15 to enroll in a drama school in New York City. After failing to find work in theatre, Ball took a job as a model under the name Diane Belmont. In the early s Ball appeared on a movie poster, bringing her to the attention of Hollywood studios. Lucille Ball appeared in over 80 movies during her lifetime.


Thirty years after her death, new details are revealed about Lucille Ball's health and death. Lucille Ball, the comedic genius and TV icon, was adored by millions of fans around the world. But Ball died a week later. Hospital spokesman Ronald Wise said the rupture occurred in a portion of the aorta, the main heart artery, far from where the operation was performed. Now, 30 years after her death, a new documentary series is revealing some troubling new details about her life that may have contributed to her death. So how did Lucille Ball die? When Ball was 17, she was on the verge of breaking into Hollywood.

Comedy icon Lucille Ball died on April 26, , at age Michael Hunter says in a preview of the series. Hunter says. And that could be a warning sign of already established cardiovascular disease. During his investigation, Dr. Surgery could not fix all the damage to this major blood vessel.

She was 77 years old. A hospital spokesman, Ron Wise, said the actress had suffered a rupture of the aorta after having improved steadily from a seven-hour operation. Miss Ball, noted for impeccable timing, deft pantomime and an endearing talent for making the outrageous believable, was a Hollywood legend: a contract player at RKO in the 's and 40's who later bought the studio with Desi Arnaz, her first husband. She made her last public appearance four weeks ago at the Academy Awards ceremonies, when she and Bob Hope introduced a production number. Credit:Associated Press Lucille Ball in The elastic-faced, husky-voiced comedian was a national institution from to in three series and many specials on television that centered on her ''Lucy'' character. The first series, ''I Love Lucy,'' was for six years the most successful comedy series on television, never ranking lower than third.

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  1. Lucille Désirée Ball (August 6, – April 26, ) was an American actress, comedian, . After Ball's father died, her mother returned to New York. Ball and She expected the romance to burn out after a few weeks, but that did not happen.

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