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Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? by Martin Luther King Jr.

The non-violent, colorblind, “I have a dream” Martin Luther King is such a fixture in the American imagination that it is difficult for many to conceive of a King who was, particularly in the last years of his life, far more nuanced and complex. There have been several books over the last few years trying to reclaim the King who marched with striking sanitation workers, was a strident critic of the American war in Vietnam, and advocated for a guaranteed income for all citizens. While these books provide a valuable service, it is the words of King himself that bring these ideals to life. Written a year before his death, “Chaos or Community?”, King is very much still in favor of non-violent protest, but he is far more pessimistic about how quickly true equality can happen. While critical of separatism and the Black Power movement of the time as self defeating and unrealistic in a society where people of all colors are economically interdependent, he is highly critical of Whites who pay lip service to equality but when it comes to Black families moving into their neighborhoods, working along side of them, or marrying their sons and daughters, their enlightened attitudes quickly evaporate. All too often Whites feel like being supportive of equality is enough and that any failure on the part of Blacks to be successful is their own fault. It is the old “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” school of thought that those who can’t must be inherently lazy or not intelligent enough to do so. King writes with thinly veiled outrage that the roots of discrimination and disenfranchisement are so deep that nothing short of a massive financial and social investment on the part of Whites can repair the structural damage that slavery, broken families, inadequate education, employment and housing discrimination have wrought in the Black community.
This is King at his most radical (his argument that war is degrading to the human condition as well as advocating for the humanity of a universal income are well ahead of their time) and most forceful. He is not asking White people to dispense change at their leisure, he lays out what has gone wrong and what needs to be done immediately. Whenever I read King, I always wonder with more than a little melancholy what could have been had he lived a little longer. This book and its arguments for universal justice and human is perhaps the best example of that.
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Charles Bradley - Where Do We Go From Here

Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?

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