List of all amazon book categories

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list of all amazon book categories

Pokemon: Meet Ashs Pikachu! by Michael Teitelbaum

[DK Readers Level 2]

Learn all about Ash Ketchums special Pikachu, its unique abilities, and their adventures together! This Reader introduces Pikachu, Ash Ketchums loyal companion through thick and thin. Their friendship has been a cornerstone of the Pokemon universe since the beginning. Learn how the two of them met, how their relationship grew, and share their greatest adventures!
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Published 04.02.2019

How to add THE RIGHT keywords and categories to your book to maximize sales and visibility

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I get so many emails about Amazon categories and keywords that I thought it would be useful to dig into all the opportunities at your fingertips, and clear up some confusion out there too. Useful for me, that is. Aaaanyway, if you have read Amazon Decoded , you will already understand how central categories are to the Kindle Store and the Amazon recommendation engine generally, and how you should approach them to increase your visibility, which will, in turn, increase both your sales and your promo halo. And then Strangers to Superfans highlighted the serious dangers of picking inappropriate categories for your work. Where many people seem to be getting tripped up is with various quirks which can prevent them from getting into target sub-categories. Fear not!

Categories and Keywords on Amazon Kindle

When it comes to self-publishing your upcoming book, do not make light of selecting your book categories! Although it may appear to be a small detail, you must realize that your readers often resort to categories when looking for books on a specific topic. Therefore, selecting the best book categories for your upcoming bestseller is a critical decision as it will impact your book sales. But with plenty of book categories on Kindle Direct Publishing as well as the plethora of books competing for attention, how do you choose the right categories to make your book stand out to your reader? If your goal is to appear on the first page of search results on Amazon, then you must take advantage of every window of opportunity to succeed. In order to do so, you first must research your competition.

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