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amber arch mystery shopping reviews

Fashion, Lies, and Murder (Amber Fox, #1) by Sibel Hodge

Amber Fox has been making too many mistakes lately and somethings got to give...

For starters, Amber accidentally shoots Chief Inspector Janice Skipper and gets thrown off the police force. The only one who knows the truth about the incident is Amber, but no one will believe her.

After accepting a job as an insurance investigator from her ex-fiancé, Brad Beckett, it turns out that Brad thinks theyve still got unfinished business and the job description includes sexual favours that come with a price.

When fashion designer, Umberto Fandango, goes missing, Amber becomes embroiled in a complicated case. But Ambers arch-enemy, Chief Inspector Skipper, is also investigating his disappearance, and its a race against time for Amber to solve the mystery before Skipper does and get her old job back. And just when Amber thinks things cant get any worse, shes being stalked by some crazy mobsters.

Who is Umberto Fandango? Is he dead? And can Amber stay one step ahead and stay alive?
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Legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies: A Closer Look

Amber Arch Ltd Employee Reviews

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