Superman and flash race around the world

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superman and flash race around the world

Superman and the Flash: Race Around the World by Joe Edkin

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Published 12.01.2019

Race. Flash vs Superman - Justice League

DC Histories: The Superman / Flash Races

When the Secretary-General of the United Nations approached Superman and the Flash with the idea of a benefit race, both agreed immediately. Money raised from sweepstakes would fund aid programs for underdeveloped nations. Unfortunately, organized crime syndicates wanted in on the action as well, betting enormous sums of money on the race. Since ordinarily both participants would be able to circle the Earth too fast for anyone to even notice, a race course with obstacles was planned and Superman forbidden to fly. For instance, while Flash could vibrate through the great pyramid of Cheops, Superman would be stuck running over it.

Here at DC Histories, we try to make sense of the continuity that perplexes, befuddles, and intimidates. The problem with superheroes with similar powers is that readers will immediately want to know who is better at an ability. Is Hulk or the Thing stronger? Who can stretch farther: Elongated Man or Plastic Man? Would Power Girl or Supergirl win in an arm wrestling match? And who exactly would win in a race between Superman and the Flash?

The post-credits scene of 'Justice League' is only scratching the surface.

It's a milestone in television history and carries on a tradition from the comics. Flash and Superman have raced each other many times. While Superman has speed as one of his core super-powers is he faster than Flash? Barry Allen is the first technically second Flash and this is the first organized race between the two of them. The UN secretary asks Superman and Flash to race around the world to help charity. The public buys sweepstakes tickets for their favorites.

The Flash is a superhero, one of Superman 's colleagues in the Justice League. His main power is Super-Speed , although it comes from a different source than that of Kryptonians ; Flash's speed comes from the Speed Force. Most of these Flashes have, at some point or another, had a superspeed race with Superman. Although the results of these races vary, most times the Flash beats Superman by a fair margin. One telling example occurred in Smallville. Bart Allen challenged a young Clark Kent to catch him, and Clark chased him, and seemed to be catching up, when Bart Allen moved away so fast that even from Clark's superfast perspective, the boy seemed to be moving at super speed.

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  1. At the behest of the United Nations, Superman and the Flash decided to race around the world against one another in order to raise money for.

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  3. The UN secretary asks Superman and Flash to race around the world to help charity. Since they can both run “faster that the speed of light” the.

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