Raquel welch now and then

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raquel welch now and then

Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage by Raquel Welch

She didn’t hatch out of an eagle’s nest, circa One Million Years B.C., clad in a skimpy fur bikini. She didn’t aspire to fame as a sex symbol. Yet, for many years after making her Hollywood entrance as every man’s fantasy, Raquel Welch was best known for her beauty and sex appeal. A private person, she allowed people to draw their own conclusions from her public image. Now, Raquel Welch is ready to speak her mind. And, with the luxury of hindsight and the benefit of experience, she has plenty to share about the art of being a woman—even men will find it enlightening to read about what makes her tick.

In Beyond the Cleavage, Raquel Welch talks, woman to woman, about her views on all that comes with being a member of the female sex—love, sex, style, health, body image, career, family, forgiveness, aging, and coming of age. Looking back on her life, she lets women in on her childhood, dominated by a volatile father; her first love, marriage, and divorce; her early struggles as a single working mother in Hollywood; her battles for roles and respect as an actress; and her daring decision never to lie about her age. Looking forward, she offers women a compass to guide them at every crossroad of life, from menopause through the empty nest years, to dating younger men and beyond. Along with bringing baby boomers into her confidence—she offers essential tips for staying motivated and positive past fifty, as well as divulging her secrets for fabulous hair and makeup—she even talks to today’s younger generation of women about the importance of carrying themselves with dignity and self-respect.

With warmth, humor, conviction, and honesty, Raquel reveals her approach to preventative aging, her life-changing commitment to yoga, her recipe for eating right, her skincare regimen, her flair for fashion, and much more. Deeply personal (Welch wrote every word herself—no ghostwriter), Beyond the Cleavage is Raquel Welch’s gift to every woman who longs to look and feel her best, and be at peace with herself.
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Raquel Welch - Transformation From 2 To 77 Years Old

Raquel Welch: Then And Now

During her former years Raquel Welch, an actress and sex icon, made a successful business encouraging women to emulate her style, as well as her yoga fitness program and her attitude to nutrition. In January she was the face of a collection for MAC Cosmetics, which dubbed her "strong and wild, yet sultry and exotic". Raquel certainly looks young for her age, prompting a public assumption that she may have gone under the knife - as many, many Hollywood stars do. This is typical of dermal filler as it stretches the skin, making the lips look smooth. Lips tend to become thinner with age, so her freshly plumped lips suggest that she's had some filler injected, according to the professional. She is perhaps most recognisable to many today as the women in the bikini on the post for One Million Years B. Just last month, to celebrate Melania Trump's birthday, a list of celebrities you won't believe are the same age was revealed.

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The same year, she appeared in One Million Years B. The eldest of three children raised by a Bolivian aeronautical engineer and a mother with origins back to the Mayflower, Welch was only two years old when the family moved to San Diego, California. The youngster knew she wanted to perform and started studying ballet at seven years old, which certainly came in handy during her first beauty contests in high school. However, the end of one passion opened a door to the next as Welch was crowned with her biggest honor to date—as the Maid of California. Eventually quitting college and divorcing James in , Welch took her children and moved to Dallas, Texas where she modeled for Neiman Marcus only to return to Los Angeles a few months later with the hopes of launching her acting career. Once in Hollywood, Welch met and hired Patrick Curtis—an agent and former child star—who proposed transforming her into a sex symbol to pave her own path in Tinsel Town. Signing a seven-year contract with Fox, Welch was certainly seeing her dreams come true when she starred in Fantastic Voyage in , which was a huge hit among audiences and instantly made Welch a star.

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