Difference between libertarian and anarchist

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difference between libertarian and anarchist

Lone Wong’s review of On Anarchism

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Published 29.12.2018

Libertarian or Anarchist?

Libertarianism: Bogus Anarchy

A distinct mainstream movement specific to the United States, Libertarianism had its inception during the s. In it formed into a political party and went on to make a strong showing in several elections. Exactly what is the relationship between the two? To properly decide the question requires a synopsis of anarchist history. The chronology of anarchism within the United States corresponds to what transpired in Europe and other locations. An organized anarchist movement imbued with a revolutionary collectivist, then communist, orientation came to fruition in the late s.

We should also add that this confusion appears primarily in the US and only within the last years. Below are additional resources we recommend. It was designed to be a new name for advocates of classical 19th century extreme individualist liberalism. To the right wing libertarians, being forced to work for employers, being commanded by bosses, is consistent with liberty because no one puts a gun to your head to take a job. Right wing libertarians are fine with the existence of the state because a state is necessary to protect the minority capitalist or employing class. Their disagreements with left-wing liberals and social democrats over the state are about the use of the state to provide social benefit systems to benefit the masses of ordinary people — unemployment benefits, minimum wage laws, social security systems, public health insurance, etc.

It was never published. The libertarian who is happily engaged expounding his political philosophy in the full glory of his convictions is almost sure to be brought short by one unfailing gambit of the statist. As the libertarian is denouncing public education or the Post Office, or refers to taxation as legalized robbery, the statist invariably challenges. What type of taxes do you wish to impose? Thus, the libertarian will usually reply: "Well, I believe in a limited g overnment, the government being limited to the defense of the person or property or the individual against invasion by force or fraud.


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Are Libertarians "Anarchists"?







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  1. Libertarianism is the simple idea that each individual has rights 1 that no other individual or group of them may violate.

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