Bob schwartz archie and his friends

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bob schwartz archie and his friends

The Best of Archie Comics, Book 1 by Archie Comics

Celebrate 70 years of Archie Comics fun with this massive full-color collection of over 50 favorite comic book stories hand-selected by noted Archie writers, artists, editors and historians. Also included are loads of entertaining behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the comics, their creators, and Archies unique impact on Americas pop culture!

Designed for young and old alike, this is both a must-have companion for anyone who has grown up with Archie and a perfect introduction for new readers.
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Archie and His Friends Part 3

bob schwartz archie and his friends

Robert was predeceased by his loving parents, George and Amalia Molly to whom he brought great joy. Robert was also predeceased by his brothers and survived by his sisters as well as many nieces and nephews. Struck by polio in infancy, Robert was left with life-long health challenges. Robert retired at 64 after a long working life. He touched many lives and his memory will be cherished.

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Created in by writer Vic Bloom and artist Bob Montana, Archie became over a few decades one of the most recognizable and iconic teenagers in American pop culture. Because of this, the two of them have become the talk of the school, with everyone trying to figure out what broke up the Riverdale High power couple. Despite the breakup, Archie and Betty still have respect, and even longing towards one another, with Betty finally snapping when her friends ask if Archie cheated on her. This ultimately amounts to sweet-talking and threatening classmates into voting for the two. Jughead slyly suggests that Archie play in his stead. Archie does so, and to his surprise ends up wowing the crowd.

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  1. He joined Archie Comics Group at age 17 as an art assistant; in the 50 years since then, he has done everything at the company headquartered in Mamaroneck from coloring to writing to lettering, and just about anything else you can imagine.

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