Rebecca and matt vampire diaries

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rebecca and matt vampire diaries

The Vampire Diaries - The Vampire Diaries: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 : Episode Guide Showing 1-24 of 24

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the vampire diaries: Matt and Rebecca (4x19) (sub ita)

But as fans of the series know, there is only one way to get rid of an Original vampire — a White Oak stake.

Matt and Rebekah

Rebekah and Matt were supposed to go together to Homecoming Dance until Elena daggared Rebekah so she went with Matt instead. In Dangerous Liaisons , Rebekah invited Matt to her family's ball as her dancing partner. He agreed and danced the traditional waltz with her. She asks Matt to escort her outside telling him she needed a break from the party. While outside, he grabs his letterman jacket and puts it around her shoulders to warm her. Touched by his kindness, she changes her mind about killing him and the two go back inside before Kol can act. She tells her brother that she doesn't want to ruin her mother's party.

This is the relationship between the Original Vampire Rebekah Mikaelson and the human Matt Donovan. The relationship started in Dangerous Liaisons, when .
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It was and Rebekah was putting the finishing touches to her makeup. She had deep purple blouse on with black skinny jeans and a leather jacket. She was slipping into her leather boots when she heard the doorbell ring. As Rebakah opened the door, she couldn't believe that Matt actually had brought her a dozen red roses. He stood there with dashing smile on his face.

When Hope Mikaelson is three, she sits on the sand and watches as a blond haired and blue eyed gentleman walks towards her and hands her a plastic shovel. She looks at the shovel. Matt Donavan nods his head, leaves the shovel behind and starts to walk away with a puzzled look in his eyes. Keep reading. I think this was the best episode of The Vampire Diaries all the time. Not because Damon gets finally Elena but all my favourite One True Parings had each other way or another. I like it very very much when Klaus told Caroline that Tyler is her first love and he intend to be her last.

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