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david mead mine and yours

David Mead Albums: Wherever You Are, Mine and Yours, the Luxury of Time, Indiana, Almost and Always, Tangerine by Books LLC

Commentary (music and lyrics not included). Chapters: Wherever You Are, Mine and Yours, the Luxury of Time, Indiana, Almost and Always, Tangerine. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 19. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publishers book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: Allmusic link Wherever You Are is an EP by singer/songwriter David Mead, released on Eleven Thirty Records in 2005. Initially recorded for RCA in 2002, the album was withheld from release after David found himself without a label shortly after recording. Several songs were trimmed from the lineup when the tracklist for the EP was created, and several more songs remain unreleased. David contributed MP3s of many of the unreleased tracks to fansite mineandyours.com as a Christmas offering for his fans. ...http: //booksllc.net/?id=4484623
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Mine And Yours [2003-06-28]

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Mine And Yours

And while there's nothing here as immediately irresistible as, for instance "World of a King" from its predecessor, a couple of listens reveals the same mix of sophisticated, intelligent songcraft and pure pop delight. Mead is the consummate songwriter, much in the tradition of John Lennon and Paul McCartney or Paul Simon , creating timeless, memorable melodies that are fresh and inventive, while still ringing with a certain, inviting familiarity. Nearly every piece is meticulously put together, from the rich, textured arrangements to Mead 's thoughtful lyrics: intricate, engaging tunes and warm, captivating tenor. Schlesinger 's production follows the same basic idea used on The Luxury of Time , but with even more of an emphasis on the classic pop elements in Mead 's songs. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

Further proof, perhaps, that should you encounter his albums at your local record store you would be advised to move right in the opposite direction. Perhaps because Mead spent his formative years in Nashville, he has a sharper appreciation of what makes for a good three-minute pop song. But true pop masters are bred in the ballads, and this record has a handful of great ones. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. Influential singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston dead at 58 Daniel Johnston, one of rock's ultimate loners beloved for his earnest if haunting lyricism, died Sept.

One of the greatest perils of signing a deal with a major record company lies in labels' practice of working with 10 times as many acts as they promote, leaving a vast majority of their rosters to be cut loose as tax write-offs the moment the first single fails to magically catch fire. The negative result is clear: dashed hopes and dreams, wasted money and time, the glut of music, good and bad, that gets lost to the ages. This is especially sad considering that many musicians take a quantum creative leap forward between albums during their formative period, soaring from tentative mediocrity to outright excellence in a single record. Pleasantly diverting at worst, beguiling at best, it's one of the best singer-songwriter albums in some time, sophisticated and hooky in equal measure. It's extremely fortunate that Mead's label didn't cut him loose after The Luxury Of Time failed to set the world ablaze. With its engaging, mature, cosmopolitan pop, Mine And Yours proves yet again that great music doesn't always spring, fully formed, out of new artists.

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  1. What's back is his undeniable talent remarkably mature for his mere 27 years , his intelligent and sensitive lyrics, his flair for writing well-constructed pop songs and his positive attitude.

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