Me and sister in law pregnant at same time

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me and sister in law pregnant at same time

Sisters Quotes (368 quotes)

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Published 26.12.2018

Surprise, it's TWINS! Sister Freaks OUT! FULL Video

I just found out my sister in law is pregnant too. Whenever I find out that someone is pregnant around the same time as me I get super excited!.

Sister In law and myself are pregnant at the same time

Huggies Forum Forum Help. Find Out More. Welcome Active Popular Browse. Pregnant at the same time as another family member? However at times I have been quite depressed throughout the pregnancy, my sister in law was pregnant also and was due on the same day purely coincidence I have felt quite pressured at times and am sick of being compared - ie your bigger than she is

I just found out my sister in law is pregnant too. She is due one month after me. This is my first child and she already has a child. I'm not normally a selfish person but I have to admit I'm a little upset she will give birth so close to me. She is very competitive to begin with and now I feel she'll be competitive with the pregnancy too. Before I even knew she was pregnant, I was mentioning names I like for the baby, and she told me if I use the name grace she won't talk to me.

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So let me start off by saying I know that I am writing this on the wrong board and you will soon see why. I really couldn't post it on the May board. My husband and I are married and I have a son 7 from a previous relationship and my husband and I have a 18 month old daughter. We got married in July after a long courtship and I decided that I don't want children after I am So we started trying for our LAST child. I am now due May 24th.

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  1. My in law had lots of problems and looked terrible - this made me feel guilty and at times I was pregnant at the same time as my sister in law too. I was 6 weeks .

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