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Published 26.12.2018

Nook Glow Unboxing

Welcome to the official NOOK® by Barnes & Noble feed: the best in reading, entertainment & special offers. For Customer Service, tweet @NOOK_care.

Nook hacked with Web browser, Facebook, and Twitter apps for starters

I bought my Nook in a panic, when I was on my way to interview someone whose book would otherwise have taken six weeks to arrive. I viewed it as I do contactless payment and automatic windscreen wipers, with the reverence of the digital-latecomer, pathetically grateful and astonished, like the tribespeople confronted with a telly in The Gods Must Be Crazy. There were some glitches — when I tried to buy Pornland by the anti-pornography campaigner Gail Dines , it repeatedly gave me Lombard Street by Walter Bagehot instead. I decided in the end that there was no dark conspiracy behind this; if someone were deliberately making mischief, they would have replaced it with some actual porn, right? Long after its immediate usefulness, it continued to amaze me. Then the next generation came out; it was somewhat smaller and did almost nothing.

TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. Twitter has updated both of its apps for iPhone and Android, fixing bugs with the iPhone version and adding swipe-to-reveal actions to both versions. This swipe gesture was one of the hallmarks of Tweetie, the app that was purchased to act as the previous Twitter for iPhone. It has been sorely missed by heavy Twitter users who perform lots of actions beyond simply reading Tweets. This is likely in response to the recent hubbub surrounding many iOS and Android apps not properly disclosing that they were uploading user data. There are also some updates that are exclusive to each version of the app. The iPhone version has returned the ability to copy and paste the text of Tweets, something that many users were missing.

How would you like to tweet a book recommendation from the Nook Touch? Well, it looks like that might actually happen. Mike Cane noticed a couple really strange Twitter accounts this morning, and I mean really strange. This is just a guess, but I think they're the testbed for a new Twitter feature. I've found a number of tweets that suggest this. For example, there's the "I've read" tweets , all of which link back to ebooks in the Nook Store. Also, if you go look at the tweets, search for the word "share".

The official NOOK Customer Service handle. Here to help daily from 8 am – pm EST. For Barnes & Noble Customer Support, tweet @BN_care.
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But how are consumers finding the devices post-purchase?, And here we go.

Crimson Hexagon has done a study analyzing consumer satisfaction in leading e-readers--the Kindle, Nook, and iPad--by tracking Twitter conversations. But one company, Crimson Hexagon , has taken it upon itself to formulate some opinions about the e-reader market by charting and analyzing Twitter conversations for both the Nook and Kindle, as well as the iPad as an e-reader. This is one of the studies you probably have to take with a grain of salt because there are some mixed messages in the report. However, the post goes on to say that, "While the Nook readers have certainly established a solid and growing position in the e-reader market during , our analysis also revealed that Amazon's Kindle is still by far the most popular e-reader on the basis of total conversation volume on Twitter. Looking at the daily volume of "relevant" Twitter conversation for each of the devices, Crimson Hexagon found that conversation about the Kindle far outpaces the Nook and Nook Color, "consistently adding up to more tweets-per-day than both Nook devices combined an average of about 1, tweets per day for Kindle vs. I think the key word here is "relevant" and how it was narrowly defined in the study.

Click here to receive the Morning Social Media Newsfeed via email. The CEO of Twitter and U-M alum sent a picture of the roughly 5, students sitting across from him in the Big House, waiting to graduate, to his more than 1 million Twitter followers. The Next Web Costolo recounted his days following his graduation from his alma mater when he was confronted with whether to take a job with three technology firms or pursue a life as a comedian in Chicago with the Second City troupe. He chose the latter, and it was during his studies in improvisation that he was taught the three lessons he referenced. There is extra time in your life.

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  1. Topping tech headlines on Wednesday, researchers managed to trick TSA security scanners into overlooking weapons concealed on a person's body.

  2. On Tuesday, the official Twitter Blog announced upgrades for the microblog's apps for Android devices, including the Kindle Fire and certain Nook tablets, as well as on Apple's iOS devices.

  3. The latest Tweets from NOOK (@nookBN). Welcome to the official NOOK® by Barnes & Noble feed: the best in reading, entertainment & special offers.

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