Save me lollipop nina and zero

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save me lollipop nina and zero

Mamotte! Lollipop Series by Michiyo Kikuta

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zero x nina

Nina Yamada

Nina Yamada is an average twelve year-old girl in her first year of junior high, until one day, she accidentally swallows a magical object called the Crystal Pearl. The first team of two to have the pearl in their possession at the end of the exam will pass. Unfortunately for Nina, the examiners cannot do anything about it, except make her wait six months for a potion that will remove the pearl from her body. Examinees are now chasing Nina, some intent on killing her for the pearl. Nina meets many young sorcerers in pursuit of the pearl, but always ends up getting saved by her two wizard friends. Near the end of the six months a sorcerer named Rill , comes and gives Nina a potion that can remove the pearl, though she doesn't take it.

Lollipop and Mamotte! Lollipop , and one of Nina 's two main love interests in Mamotte! He and Sarasa were rather poor, though it wouldn't be a problem for too long, since Sarasa eventually became engaged to a rich man. He is kind, polite and thinks about others. In the second series, this happens twice.

Roripoppu , lit. It was serialized in the magazine Nakayoshi and published by Kodansha in Japan between February and July
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Nina is Zero and Zero is Nina?! Nina has fallen onto Zero , and their faces are inches away. Zero and Nina go back to the rest of the group, who have been waiting for them. Nina is silently shocked that Zero is acting as though nothing happened, and wonders if she was the only one whose heart was racing. Nanase , who notices this, laughs to himself, saying that the first stage is complete. Yakumo asks Nanase what he has planned, telling him that he had better not hurt Nina, but Nanase simply laughs and says that it is a secret. He tells Yakumo not to worry, and that they will have the Crystal Pearl by tomorrow.

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  1. In the bonus story for volume seven of Mamotte! Lollipop, I Love My Darling, ten years have passed since the events of the first series, and Zero proposes to Nina .

  2. Nina is Zero and Zero is Nina?! is the eighth overall chapter of the manga series Mamotte! Lollipop. Plot Edit · Nina has fallen onto Zero, and their faces are.

  3. Zero was born into a family, and when he was ten, his older brother, Jeff, was engaged to a small child.

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